Common Mistakes When Buying Office Furniture

Having the appropriate office modern style furniture enhances productivity. Office furniture should not only be about having a desk to work on, a chair to sit on, a shelf to store books, journals, office supplies and other items, and files. It should be something created to motivate employees and functional.

Several studies show that people buying office furniture commit plenty of mistakes. If you are buying home office furniture or for your business, check our list of common mistakes when office furniture buying and how you can avoid them.

Office Furniture Purchase Common Mistakes

  1. Buying furniture without planning.

It is common to get excited when starting a business. All you wanted to do is to act fast to get the business operational. While it is good to want to get things moving, hurrying to buy office furniture is not a good decision. Many entrepreneurs have bought furniture hastily and later realized that some pieces are a misfit or not needed for the business. Unplanned office furniture purchase also results to buying the wrong size, shape, and most of all miss out comfort-ability.

To make sure you purchase the appropriate office furniture, get the size of your office. Think what furniture pieces you really need, making sure these are essential in the workplace. Plan the office layout so you will know where to place every piece of modern office furniture. Careful planning will help you buy only the furniture your office needs and the correct size suitable for your space.

2. Disregarding the Expert’s Advice

Confidence is one trait of most business people. They think highly of themselves, feel they can do everything and can decide on their own so they neglect expert’s advice. Although doing everything on your own will allow you to accomplish things within a short time, it is likely for you to commit several mistakes. Seeking the advice of experts assures you of making the right decisions and picking the office desks, chairs and other furniture you need. Experts will recommend where you can buy high-quality office furniture because they have connections with modern furniture online dealers.

3. Neglecting the Office Focus of Attention

Remember that furnishing your office is not only about starting the business and placing furniture. You need to consider building the image of your business, too. Building your business image is important, particularly for walk-in clients.

Identify the focal points of your office so you can place the business logo and the furniture piece that will create a great impact on your business. Seek the help of an expert if you are having a hard time identifying it.

Buying office furniture is not just a task, but it is also a responsibility. As a business owner, you need to think not only of your comfort but also of your staff and clients. Additionally, you need to match the furniture with your type of business. Considering these things will help you make good choices.

How to avoid committing mistakes when buying office furniture, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the office furniture.
  2. Set a budget.
  3. Research for a reputable modern furniture NYC.
  4. Seek expert advice when necessary.

Office furniture designs are much better to make them not only serviceable but also to offer more comfort to the user. Office chairs and desks are ergonomically designed and attuned to the modern needs of office work.

When furnishing your office, make sure to include accessories and lighting fixtures that will blend in with the whole business image. Without these items, your office will look incomplete. Remember, all must be in harmony. Lights, in particular, should provide the required illumination needed in completing your tasks.

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Small Budget Home Interior Designing

Everyone knows that home re-staging costs money. This is why most homeowners save money for this purpose. Do you know, however, that you can make your home look new even with a small budget? Read on and find out.

Easy Budget Fix Interior Design

  • Repaint.

Repainting is one of the best cost-efficient ways to re-stage your home. Painting your walls and ceiling in a new color will give the room a new energizing feel even with old furniture and accessories.

  • Redesign Your Walls.

Use your wall as accent point. You can repaint one wall in a different color, cover it with a wallpaper, or if you or any member of the family can paint, create a mural.

Another way to redesign your wall as the focal point is to have a themed photo wall or mount open bookshelves.

  • Re-layout.

Explore all the possibilities of having a new layout. This consists of rearranging furniture and swapping some pieces.

For example, move your modern couch facing the bookshelf or let it face to another wall. You can also move a chair from the dining room and place it in your bedroom or steal an end table in the living room and move it to the patio.

  • Refresh your Tabletops.

If your dining room table has always been bare, cover it with a stunning table runner and place a low profile potted flowering plant. Give your living room a calming effect by placing scented candles on top or floating candles. Place coffee table books and magazines to feed the mind.

  • Change the Throw Pillows.

You do not need to put so much effort moving them. Slip the throws in textured, patterned cases. Try adding a few pieces in different shapes. Throw pillows are cheap anyway.

  • Move Artwork.

If you have always had a large painting on the hallway, try hanging a large mirror instead. Have a gallery wall over your modern sofa to replace a large wall art. The gallery wall can be paintings or photos.

If you prefer to have a gallery of photos, frame the photos in varied color frames. You can also try mixing gold, brass, metallic, and colored frames. This brings a new look not only to the photos but also to the wall.

  • Invest in Furniture.

Incorporating a new piece of furniture will not hurt your pocket. You can pick from having modern or contemporary furniture or mid-century modern furniture. Even adding transitional furniture will make a big change in your interior design.

To avoid overspending on furniture, choose a small item. This can be a lounge chair, club chair, and table. An accent chair would definitely be a welcome addition without hurting your pocket.

  • Cover Chairs and Sofas with Slipcovers.

Slipcovers save the upholstery of your sofa and chairs, particularly if you have had them for years. They are easy to change, washed, and dried. Most of all, they are not expensive. With slipcovers, spills become less alarming and scary.

  • New Bedding Set for Your Bed.

Replace bedding set with new ones. Choose colors that add interest in your bedroom and will make it feel more relaxing. Bedding in shades of blue will give your modern bedroom a pleasant and calming feel. You can also try orange bed linen and sheets for optimism. When choosing colors for your bedroom, make sure that it stimulates relaxation and motivates you to have a good night’s sleep.

  • Have an Area Rug.

Area rugs are cheap yet can make a big difference in your home interior. They are one of the items people noticed when entering a room. Choose fluffy, warm rugs! Patterned, geometrics, bold or neutral colored rugs are great! Make sure to blend them in the interior and style of the room.

  • Lighting.

Falling under accessories are lampshades, wall art, sculptures, vases, curtains, etc. Lighting fixtures and accessories play an important role in setting the ambiance in a room. They call attention but when placed incorrectly can create havoc in the overall interior design.

There is no point on dilly-dallying if you want to re-stage your home. With just a few fixes and a small budget, you can have a completely new interior design!

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Furniture Arrangement Creates a Big Impression

Furniture arrangement has a big impact on the theme and decor of your home. It also determines the functionality and accessibility of the furniture pieces. Having a floor plan will make it easier for you to position the furniture pieces. Although furniture arrangement may differ in every room of the home, there is always commonality in all rooms.

Arranging Furniture to Impress

Modern Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom conditions your whole being to face the challenges of the day. This is why it is important to keep it quiet, warm, and relaxing. Regardless of its size, you need to have furniture that will tune into the comforting and serene ambiance of the bedroom.

  1. Get the room’s dimensions.
  2. Decide where to place the furniture. The bed takes the center stage in the room. Make sure to have enough space on all sides for traffic.

  • If the room will allow, place two nightstands on the sides of the bed even if you are alone to create balance. One will do if space is limited. A single drawer nightstand with an open shelf is perfect. You have space to hold a table lamp, mobile phone, and drinks and to store books, small items, etc.

  • Dresser. These furniture pieces give you additional storage in case the armoire is not enough.

  • Chest. A chest is ideal for a small bedroom because of its vertical form,

  • Vanity Mirror. This piece of furniture comes in handy when dressing up. The table top serves as a writing desk and once you open it up, you get a ready mirror and storage for your makeup and accessories, like brush, comb, makeup, perfume, and other items.

Modern bedroom sets offer styles that match any theme, such as mid century modern, contemporary, or modern.

Modern Living Room Furniture

The living room is the life of the home. Why? It is where you welcome and entertain guests, and enjoy family time.

  1. Identify the purpose. The living room is used in several ways. It can function as an entertainment room, family room, or receiving area.
  2. Pick a focal point. The purpose of the room will decide your focal point.

3. Divide into small areas if you have a larger living room. A reading nook, a cozy chat nook, and a family cum entertainment area. This gives you the opportunity to entertain guests while some members of the family can still have their “me” time while reading a book. If they have a couple of friends and you have a bigger group, they can settle in the cozy chat nook while you take the family cum entertainment area with your friends.

  • Modern Sectional. Whether for entertainment or family room purposes, you would need a modern couch or a sectional sofa. Make sure to pick a sofa that can accommodate your household. Keeping a few chairs matter if it is for entertaining guests. Pick chairs that keep the user comfortable. You can use dining chairs for this purpose. Modern dining chairs offer innovative designs, making them useful for both dining and entertainment purposes.

Modern sectional is the best choice. With different shapes, you can easily fit it according to the shape of the living room and can seat more people. For instance, an L-shape sectional is perfect in a corner. See what shape best fits the room.



  • Coffee Table. Place a coffee table opposite the sofa. The height should be the same as that of the sofa seat, not too high or too low. Leave adequate space between the sofa and coffee table.

  • Other furniture pieces and accessories. This includes ottoman,…

…end table,…

…bookshelf (mounted for limited space is recommended),



Mounting a mirror on the wall creates the illusion of spaciousness. So have one for a small living room.

  • TV Stand. Choose between a mounted and a stand-alone TV stand. A mounted TV stand is ideal for a smaller space…

while a stand-alone TV media center suits a larger space. Always choose a TV stand that offers adequate storage for media items.

Don’t Forget: ?  Remember to open up space for traffic.

To summarize, furniture arrangement should make your household feel comfortable, happy, and relaxed. If you succeed on this, you can be sure that your guests will feel the same way, too!

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Bar Furniture for Function and Beauty to Your Home

You may think that a bar furniture is only for those who wanted to have their own bar at home. Not anymore! A modern bar furniture is made more flexible to serve many purposes.

Why You Need a Bar at Home

Relaxing and entertaining are the two main reasons why you need a bar at home. Although the living room can serve for these purposes, a bar extends a different kind of enjoyment because you get the feeling of being in a real bar.

Having a bar allows you to entertain friends and guests much easier while having a casual talk. You are all seated on comfortable bar stools around a bar table. Most of all, it gives you a time to relax with the family and friends while enjoying a drink

Bar Furniture Offered in the Market

The furniture industry continues to improve, offering different kinds, styles, and designs. Today, furniture is a mixture of comfort and functionality. Gone are the days when they only serve one purpose, as most of them are multi-purpose.

  • Bar Table

An essential piece in any bar, bar tables look like dining tables except that they are slimmer and taller. The modern bar tables are stylish and much more comfortable. Pick a bar table that allows you to sit conveniently. It should be high enough so you can move your legs underneath the tabletop. The ideal bar table height is approximately 40-42 inches high. The materials used vary from wood, lacquer, rattan, chrome, tempered glass, and various finishes.

Choose from the different shapes:  square, round, or rectangular. A glass top bar table framed in wood or metal is stylish.

Modern bar tables offer more functionality. They have shelves to store wine bottles, glassware, and other essentials.

Some have circular slots that can house a single bottle of wine.

To make it even more interesting and useful, modern bar tables feature an extended ledge with a stainless steel glass rack. They can even function as a serving station for drinks, snacks, and meals.

  • Bar Cabinets

Wood, chrome, metal or aluminum are the materials used to construct bar cabinets. They come in various styles, designs, and shapes. Modern bar cabinets offer adequate storage for wine, glassware, serving plates, and other items needed in a bar. Select a design that complements your home décor and style.

  • Bar Stools

To complete your bar set, you will need bar stools. Modern bar stools are available in various materials like chrome, steel, wood, plastic, rattan, and different finishes. These may have leather or fabric upholstery. Pick a bar stool that matches the décor in your room.

Consider the height when choosing bar stools. They should be 10 to 12 inches lower than the bar table or bar stand. Arrange them in a way that each person will not bang each other’s elbows. There should also be enough leg room between the table and stool.

Most modern bar stools feature adjustable heights and a swivel mechanism. They also have feet support when seated.

Armless or with arms, backless or with backrest? This will depend on what matters most. Those with arms and backrests are more comfortable compared to armless and backless stools.

Modern bar stools are not only for your bar section. You can use them for big gatherings and place them in the living room, patio, and even in the kitchen.

Pick a minimalist design if your home has a traditional feel, while a stylishly designed bar cabinet suits a home with a contemporary look.

With a bar at home, you add beauty and function to your home.  it will complete your modern dining room look and will definitely bring a relaxing mood to you and your family as well as a great place to bond with friends!


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Affordable Modern Furniture within Easy Reach


Exquisite and chic furniture is not difficult to find. If you are worried about the price, let me tell you that you can buy elegant furniture that is not expensive. This article gives you tips on how you can buy affordable modern furniture without reaping your pocket.

It is a common perception that modern furniture is high priced. Conducting a thorough research, however, will reveal that you can buy them at very affordable prices. Not to forget, though, in your research is to consider some important aspect.

The styles and designs of furniture have gone through many changes and have progressed over time. These changes revealed more advanced and trendier patterns and presentations. Additionally, they offer more convenience with their style making them in demand resulting to their high prices.

Where to Find Affordable Furniture

Many online furniture stores sell affordable modern furniture. The reason is they have less overhead costs. Even if these stores have physical shops, modern furniture from these stores is still reasonably priced. They also offer a wide variety of selections that cover the whole home.

  • Materials

The materials used in building furniture is one of the aspects that you need to look into when buying furniture. Modern furniture is constructed from unconventional materials, such as poly bamboo rattan, rattan cane, and wicker. Compared to traditional wood, these materials are less expensive. Both rattan and wicker are capable of being molded, making it easier to create unique and new designs.

There are also modern sofas and chairs that feature eco-leather upholstery. The use of eco-leather may sound expensive, but you can find some pieces that are within your budget. Aside from that, you get to have a healthy living experience at home.

Where can you buy affordable modern furniture?

Online shopping is your best bet. Nowadays, you can find several modern furniture stores online. These stores offer a wide variety of furniture for the different rooms in your home, as well as office furniture.

By visiting their sites, you can easily see how the furniture looks. These shopping sites do not only display the image of the furniture piece. The image goes with a short product description, product features, dimension, the materials used, and the available colors. Once you click on the photo, you will automatically be directed to a bigger image of the furniture. This allows you to see the item in various angles.

What is even more exciting is they design the room with the furniture. For example, if you are looking for furniture for your modern dining room, you will see how they have designed the room using the dining room set. This goes with the other rooms in the home and even in the office. Such creativity from their artists allows you to have an idea of how to arrange the furniture.

Getting in touch is easy, too. You can either send an email or talk to a chat support to inform them of your requirements. By talking to a chat support or sending an email, you would be able to get all the information you needed. Faster communication leads to having a happy customer.

Branded or not, modern furniture is beautiful, comfortable, and multi-purpose. Designer or customized furniture look beautiful, but you do not need to insist on buying branded furniture that you cannot afford.

With modern furniture stores, your home will not only look fashionable and beautiful. It will also look elegant, attractive, comfortable, and most of all, functional!

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6 Sure Tips on Finding a Comfortable Modern Chaise Sofa

A comfortable modern chaise sofa is a welcome treat after a busy day. The thought of relaxing in a comfy space is, by itself, an enough reason to look forward to going home.

A modern chaise lounge is a useful item for both warm and cold weather. It allows you to relax and enjoy the weather while reading a book, watch your favorite show or game show on TV.

Is buying a chaise lounge similar to buying a modern couch or sectional sofa? In some points, yes. To help you choose a chaise sofa, I have listed 6 sure tips on finding a comfortable chaise lounge.

Finding a Comfortable Modern Sofa with Chaise

  • The Design

The design is the first thing to consider when buying a comfy chaise sofa. Not only should it be visually appealing, but should also blend well with your other furniture pieces. Modern sofa with chaise comes in various materials, such as wood, steel or metal, and plastic with either leather or fabric upholstery. This means you can get a design that suits your home and needs.

  • Durability

While the design is important, durability is similarly important, which is dependent on the material used. All materials may have their share of pros and cons. Wood is sturdy and depending on the type of wood may be difficult to maintain and heavy to lift. Another durable material is metal framed chairs but they heat up easily and can burn your forearms. Portability is the best feature of plastic framed chairs and tables because they are lightweight, but can distort in the sun.

  • Charming Color

Color is another thing to consider when choosing a comfortable chaise lounge. A modern chaise sofa is a furniture piece as well as an accessory that adds aesthetic value to the room. Choose earthy and muted colors to have a soothing and calm feeling in the room. Bold and bright colors, on the other hand, will energize the room.

If you are after the maintenance, then choose a darker shade like black, brown, or taupe.

  • The Appropriate Size

Decide why you need a chaise lounge before making a purchase.  A chaise lounge has many uses. You can use it when reading a book, watch TV, cuddle up with your partner,…

…or sit and relax and gaze at the stars as you sit outdoors or on the patio. Knowing why you need a modern chaise lounge or a modern sofa with chaise will make buying much easier.

However, if you are looking for a sofa with chaise where you can simply lie on while watching the sunset, a single chaise lounge is more appropriate.

  • The Appropriate Height

The height plays an important role when buying a seating furniture. If you are taller, pick a modern chaise sofa that is slightly taller so you will feel comfortable when sitting and standing up from the seat. Always try sitting, lying, and getting up from the chaise lounge when shopping. This will allow you to test if the height is comfortable enough for your height.

  • Keep within Your Budget

Set a budget and stick to it. Your budget will help you to find the comfortable modern chaise lounge easily, saves you time, and will make your shopping worthwhile.

Once you have made your choice, make sure to observe proper cleaning and maintenance procedures. Here’s a practical tip:  Pick a black modern couch with chaise, as it is easier to maintain because of its dark color. Leather upholstery is a good choice for being low maintenance compared to fabric upholstered chaise lounge. If you are still undecided, take these tips seriously so you can purchase the comfortable modern chaise lounge that you have long wanted.

Look for modern living room furniture online to see the latest designs of sofas with chaise.



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Create an Outdoor Living Space via Patio Furniture

Modern living introduced plenty of new ideas. One of these is having an outdoor living room, which has become more and more popular. Outdoor living space is an area in a home that any homemaker can have depending on one’s personal taste. It can be lavish featuring expensive and sophisticated amenities or simple and cozy.


There are several choices to start with creating an outdoor living space that you can achieve easily via modern design furniture. Through innovative technology, modern patio furniture developed dramatically to meet the growing trend of outdoor living space. Modern outdoor furniture designs make it possible to extend your living space outside, making it more relaxing and cozier. Listed below are the items you need to create your outdoor living room.

Outdoor Living Space via Modern Patio Furniture

  • A Covering for Your Patio

A patio with covering will extend its utility. Your guests will surely appreciate having it during a not-so-friendly weather. This will help everyone enjoy outdoors even under the scorching heat, strong winds, and even rains.

An outdoor umbrella is a welcome feature. You can also have a lanai, an awning, or a pergola.

  • Modern Style Sofas

Comfortable seating is essential in an outdoor living space. Have a modern sofa and add a few chairs so everybody can sit and relax after all this is the purpose of your outdoor living space.

A hanging chair and even a lounge chaise are other perfect seating options.

Size, comfort, and quality are factors to look into when buying outdoor sofa and chairs. Buy an outdoor sofa and chairs that serve your purpose and fit into your patio. Remember, this is another investment and you do not want to waste money. Come prepared when shopping. Have the dimension of your patio space so you will know what size of sofa and the number of chairs you need.

Do not forget to have coffee tables and end tables, too.

Another good item to have in your outdoor living space is a modern patio dining set. This is ideal for a group who wanted to play cards or any other table games while talking.

Once you are through with the shopping, break the furniture into small groups. This will allow people to gather for intimate talks. If you intend to create a nook for just a small group or for personal use, you can settle for a 2-seater outdoor sofa or a lounge chaise with a built-in patio umbrella.

If you want to go an extra mile, you can add a TV media stand, a karaoke, a mini bar, or a pool table. This will make it not just an outside living area but also into an outside entertainment area.

  • Mix Colors, Patterns, and Textiles

Have a mix of colors, patterns, and textures when choosing furniture, accessories, and fixtures. This will break the monotony of your outdoor living space.

The colors and patterns can reflect on your walls, while the textures on throw pillows or area rug. Pick textured pillows or area rug. These accessories add visual interest in any place and you can easily change them to the latest trends. An indoor-outdoor sunroom is a possible option.

  • A Heat Source

Adding a heat source will keep it warm during the cold days and freezing nights. It also allows you to spend long hours in your outdoor living space. An outdoor fire pit or a custom-built fireplace are good outdoor heating sources. Your choice will depend on the nature of your household.

Arrange your outdoor modern style furniture around the fire pit. It is always better to have a focal point even in an outside living space.

Start creating your outdoor living space now. Modern home builders admit that having a patio or deck is one of the most requested features among home buyers. Look for patio furniture that will look good even in the living room. At LA online modern furniture store, patio furniture is at their best whether you place them in your outdoor living space or in the living room!

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Does Your Room Have a Focal Point?

Having a focal point will make a room look more inviting and comfortable. It helps you arrange the furniture and accessories, too. A focal point can be an impressive piece of furniture, an architectural feature like a window or wall, an artwork, a photo, or a mirror.

Join me and learn how to identify a focal point in your room

Identifying a Focal Point

What is the largest furniture in your room? This may be a modern sectional sofa, a huge 3- or 4-seater sofa, or an entertainment center.

  1. Does the room have a distinguishing architectural feature? The common architectural feature that you can use as a focal point is the fireplace. It can also be a picture window or a custom-built bookshelf. A picture window is a window with a superb view.
  2. What is the most interesting piece to look at in the room? For that interesting piece to look at, look for something colorful, visually or texturally appealing.
  3. What is the first thing that catches the eyes upon entering the room? Look for a spectacular artwork, a beautiful floral arrangement, wall paint color, or shelving in the room.

Working Around with the Focal Point

  • Arrange your furniture around the focal point.
  • Use lighting to build up your focal point. Use track lighting, sconces, recessed lights, or flood lights.
  • Use accessories and plants to decorate your focal point.
  • Use contrasting colors to make your focal point noticeable.

In the Living Room

The fireplace is usually the focal point in the living room. If you do not have a fireplace, choose something huge, impressive, or interesting. It may be a large entertainment center, an artwork, a picture window, a mirror, or a wall. Paint that wall in a different color than the other walls.

In the Bedroom

The bed is the focal point in the bedroom. Draw attention to the bed by matching your bed linens with the curtains. Place matching nightstands and lamps on both sides of the bed is visually appealing. The drama that comes with a canopy bed will add interest to the room.

Building Your Focal Point

TV Stand

  • Place a tall indoor plant, such as a ficus tree, palm tree or schefllera on one side of the TV unit. Group some photos on the other side.
  • Place a vase, a decorative basket, or a pot of plant on top. Make sure these items are of different shapes, like a tall vase, a round basket, and a flowing plant. Place them on top of your modern TV stand in a staggering order. The different shapes, height, textures, and odd number in the placement of these items will add interest and capture anyone’s attention.

Picture Window

  • Arrange the furniture and furnishings inside and outside to utilize the outdoor view to the fullest.
  • Use curtains, accessories, or plants to frame the picture window. A better way to do this is to place matching accessories.
  • Define your picture window by placing two lamps, two plants, or two vases on each side. Doing this will bring instant attention to your focal point, similar to having two architectural columns to a big estate.

A room without a focal point lacks interest, focus and will not demand attention. It does not offer much enjoyment, too. On the other hand, a room with a focal point anchors the room by adding interest and value.

Remember, the focal point is the first thing that captures the attention when entering the room. Thus, it is necessary to arrange furniture to reflect this feature. By intensifying your focal point, each room of your home will come into focus. When this happens, you bring focus to your home that your guests will rave about!



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A Bohemian Modern Living Room Theme This Summer

Going Bohemian or boho as others call it will turn your living room into an exciting adventure space. The Bohemian design style cropped up in the late 1960s. Bohemian refers to the people from Bohemia in Central Europe, known for their different and unusual culture. It later took on a new meaning and now refers to travelers. The key element of the bohemian design is creative recycling or reuse. Bohemian design developed into different categories, such as boho-modern, eclectic, and crummy chic.

Creating a boho modern living room means building a totally different and personalized ambiance. Mixed colors, artworks, and mixing your own works are the best feature of this style. Use a white bohemian interior for a calmer living room. Go for vivid colors and patterns to achieve a Moroccan bohemian feel. Mix leather, wood, concrete, different fabrics, fur, plants, and other materials to create your modern boho living room. Mid-century modern furniture is a great choice as it mixes well with the boho style.

Setting a Boho-Modern Living Room

  • Incorporate mid-century modern furniture

If you cannot find Bohemian furniture, go for mid-century modern furniture. Mid-century modern sofas are elegant and timeless. It features defined lines, modest curves, and a splash of colorful accents. You can also use what you currently have. Shapes and sizes are not necessarily that important in this style compared to other styles of rooms.

You do not need to pick dainty furniture, but choose furniture that will engulf anyone. If you want to have lounges and chaises, choose those in dark carved frames.

  • Decorate with colorful pillows

The boho modern style combines vivid colors in a refined way. Have colorful pillows to add colors in your boho-chic living room. White and brown walls will have a cooler, warmer feel with colorful throw pillows. Let the vivid pillows attract attention. Avoid having other vivid elements in the room to prevent clashing of boldness.

  • Add a Bohemian rug.

A woolen rug will do if you cannot find a Bohemian rug. Make sure to pick a colorful rug to add beauty and to grab attention quickly. A patterned rug with a blend of bright colors, such as reds, oranges, and yellow is a sure hit. It also blends beautifully with neutral-toned wood furniture.

  • Accessorize your boho-chic living room.

Your accessories should speak about you and your family. Photos, paintings, personal collections like miniature wine bottles, vintage bottles, and other mementos from your travels are great accessories to have. Remember, Bohemian refers to travelers so your accessories should include items found all over the globe.

Keep your accessories simple. Do not go for stylish ones. Bohemian is not all about being glamorous but it is unconventional and uncommon. Avoid ornate mirrors or chandeliers.

To make your Bohemian-modern living room spectacular, let every piece of furniture tell a story. Your guests should not be able to identify where you bought the furniture.

Tips to show off the traveler in your modern bohemian living room:

  • Have a sleek sectional white leather mid century modern sofa.

  • Add a concrete coffee table and end table for that an industrial-rustic feel.

  • Give your living room a touch of sophistication with a contemporary TV glass stand with adequate storage.

  • Spruce up your boho-chic living room by adding a small bar cart.

By putting these styles together, you create the feeling that you and your family travel a lot. This further exudes style, confidence, and levels up your personal style. So what are you waiting for, get a Bohemia modern living room theme this summer!

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Choosing Bedroom Furniture and Personal Tastes

The bedroom is the most important rooms in the house. It is where we take time out of our busy schedule, recharge ourselves, and enjoy our “ME” time. With that said, it is necessary to design your bedroom that suits your own personal style. To establish balance, use your imagination and devote plenty of commitment when choosing bedroom furniture, accessories, and décor.

Infuse Your Personal Taste in the Bedroom

  • Pick a Theme.

Choosing a theme is basic in creating a quiet, peaceful bedroom. You can pick a general theme, Spanish Colonial, Victorian, Vintage, and Mid-century, modern or a contemporary theme. Picking the furniture that would suit these styles is easy with the several furniture retailers available on the Web.


Always align the style of furniture with your taste when picking a bedroom theme. The Victorian, Spanish Colonial, Vintage themes are ideal for old-fashioned people. These styles are commonly made of expensive wood and feature delicate curves, adorned with luxurious decorations. On the other hand, choose Bauhaus-Echler mid-century styles if you want furniture with minimal ornamentation and a high degree of functionality.

  • Know the Exact Size of Your Bedroom

Knowing the size of the room will make things easier when designing your bedroom the way you like it. Work with an interior decorator if you do not trust yourself. Interior decorators can help you put every item properly.

  • What Bedroom Furniture to Have

The bed is the essential element in any bedroom. It should not only match your style but should also provide great functionality. Beds can be either very soft, moderately soft, or hard. Again, this factor depends on the user. The degree of the softness depends on the materials used in constructing the bed. Comfort is of utmost importance, as you do not want a squeaky or wobbly bed.

Your choice of bed designs range from a platform bed, a mid-century bed, one with a tall headboard, or a modern bed with built-in nightstands, or open shelves on the headboard, or drawers underneath the mattress frame. Make sure, however, that the presence of shelves and storage will not disturb you so you still get quality sleep.

The bed may be the focal point in any bedroom, but other bedroom furniture pieces are still necessary. These include chest, dresser, vanity, mirror, a bookshelf, and other accessories, such as curtains, painting, vase, and area rug. Depending on your needs, you may want to add a TV stand, a chaise lounge or club chair, or even a desk and chair. Do not forget the lighting. You need a general light, a table lamp on top of the nightstand for reading before going to sleep. Other lighting fixture that you can install in the bedroom includes a sconce or an adjustable floor lamp.

When choosing the other bedroom furniture and accessories, always remember to pick those that work well with your theme. They should blend with the color of your walls and with the bed, of course. You can create a bit of disparity as long as it will not affect the restful ambiance needed for a bedroom.

  • Budget

Setting a budget is the next big concern. You can think of the bedroom theme and what furniture you want, but this is all futile if you do not set a budget. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will allow you to buy a mid-century bed and bedroom furniture that does not only fit your style but also suits your budget. Check furniture online stores and compare their prices. See which of these stores offers the style, design, and price that align with your tastes, needs, and budget. Shopping from modern online furniture stores is the best option, as their prices are lower than the shops.

Check out their line of choices, read reviews, then choose. Remember to follow our tips when choosing mid-century bedroom furniture and you surely are on the right track!

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