Modern Beds Give Your Bedroom a Touch of Glam

It is normal to see members of the family relaxing and resting in the living room or kitchen. To make these rooms convenient for relaxation, homeowners take the time to upgrade their furniture, accessories, and décor of these areas. Improving a private room like the bedroom can make a home look new and nicer. Should you plan to upgrade to modern bedroom furniture, here are a few things to consider.

Inject Glam in Your Bedroom

  • Think of the Size

Bedroom furniture comes in a range of variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. There are certain pieces that simply would not work in certain rooms. Measure the room prior to visiting a furniture shop or checking on an online furniture store. Taking the room’s dimension will assure that to get the furniture that will fit into the room. Avoid buying huge furniture pieces if your bedroom is small.

  • Mix and Match Bedroom Pieces

Having a bedroom set may be nice, aside from it being the norm. However, it does not mean to stick to it. Buying a complete set or settling to buy a modern bed depends on your tastes, the size of the room, and especially, your budget. Remember, you can always go beyond the usual!

While a modern bedroom set sets a unified theme in a room, combining different styles can give your room a unique look because it expresses your individual style. So to create a distinctive theme, mix different colors, styles, and finishes! Brighten up a room with a large, dark wood modern bed by incorporating a light-colored area rug.

Alternatively, complement a sleek contemporary modern bedroom set by adding soft classic accents!

  • Think About Storage Options

Clutter is the main reason why a large bedroom feels small and a small bedroom feels cramped. It also makes the room look messy and feel stressful.

Consider adding a dresser and chest that offers more storage so you can keep linens, shirts, and other personal items!

A modern bed with storage is another great idea! You can choose to have a bed with underneath drawers or a headboard with shelves.

A modern bed with built-in nightstands and open shelves on the headboard is another option.

Not only does it offer storage solutions but it also saves on buying another piece of furniture. This compact design is a 3-in1 thing!

If you want to go for an oriental theme, the Opal Black Gloss Japanese Style Platform Bed is a great pick! The sleek low-profile platform design typifies the Feng Shui style. Making it even dappier is the off-white leatherette upholstered headboard with fitted nightstands.

  • Enhance Your Décor with Lamps

Lighting plays an important role in setting the ambiance of a room. Sometimes, incorporating a new table lamp or floor lamp can do the trick. Do not worry about having a lamp with a different color than your bedroom furniture. Be more adventurous by mixing and matching themes and colors. Playing cool with the current styles can make your bedroom design look even fashionable. Avoid sticking to plain colors; instead, use complementary vibrant colors and patterns to give your bedroom a new and relaxing feel.

If you need a vanity dresser to put your make-up, perfumes, and dress accessories, the Symphonia- SMA Italian Vanity Table is just what you need! It has a hidden mirror compartment and built-in light with an extended storage. You can even use the top as a writing desk.

Modern beds give your bedroom a touch of glam! However, be practical when choosing bedroom furniture. Although the style is essential, make sure to choose furniture that will not serve as mere décor. It is still best to have a modern bed that offers comfort so you can have a good sleep. It should be able to accommodate your weight and height, particularly if you are sharing it with someone. A bed is meant to relax your body while lying or sleeping on it. Follow the above tips and make your bedroom a conducive space for both comfort and relaxation.

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Pick a Coffee Table for a Modern Living Room

Can you imagine a living room without a nice and good coffee table? Good coffee tables are functional, allowing you to use them to the fullest. Not only can you use them for serving, play board games, or as desk, but you can also use them for storage, too. Build with various designs and styles, you should choose a coffee table based on several factors.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Coffee Table

  • The Budget

Budget is a big factor when choosing a coffee table. Setting a budget includes thinking about your current furniture, accessories, and lighting. It should match the other furniture pieces in your living room, such as your modern couches, chairs, and end tables. It should also blend with the room’s lighting. Remember, whether you get an ultra-expensive or cheap coffee table depends on your budget.

The Shape

The shape is a big factor to consider, particularly if you have kids or pets.

An oval or round-shape table is the best choice if you have kids. Rectangular and square-shaped tables have sharp edges and are dangerous for children and pets. You also need to choose the shape that goes with the other pieces in the room less you ruin the beauty of your living room.

  • The Size

The height is equally important. Measure you measure the height of your couch and the room when choosing the size.

The coffee table’s height should be at least two inches lower than seat part of your sofa. A higher coffee table than the sofa seat would be inappropriate. The standard height and the best choice is around 16-18 inches and pairs well with a regular-sized sofa. Pick a table with a height of 20-21 inches for a higher sofa. If you love to entertain, choose a taller table because this is easier for serving and guests can easily set their plate or glass down.

  • The Material

Coffee tables are made of various types of materials, including wood, brass, steel, glass, metal, glass, and now even concrete! Wood materials vary from oak, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, pine, and cherry. For a more sophisticated appeal, pick a glass coffee table with steel or brass material. Pick metal to complete your industrial theme. If you like wood coffee tables, pick maple and oak for a more casual feel, but for a more formal feel, go for cherry and walnut. Acrylic coffee tables offer a more contemporary and modern look, giving your room a floating look.

  • The Style

The styles to choose from when choosing a coffee table are formal, informal, modern, rustic, and traditional.

A sleek metal glass top coffee table is a nice choice for a modern look…,

while this Pebble Contemporary LED High Gloss Coffee Table is great for contemporary feel. On the other hand, a round top coffee table with wooden legs suit a romantic ambiance. For an informal country look, pick an oak coffee table. Let the decorating style of the room be your guide when choosing the style of a coffee table.

  • The Scale

The scale is another essential factor. Scale refers to the uniformity of the size and visual weight of the furniture and other items in the room. It is important that every piece in your living room be in the appropriate scale. A large sofa should have a huge coffee table, while a daintier coffee table suits a loveseat or a smaller sofa. Furniture of equal weight and size will be more in proportion with each other.

  • The Functionality

Identifying the function before buying a coffee table is another important factor. Do you need a table for storage, a centerpiece, or accent piece?

Coffee tables have different designs and styles. You can find some with drawers, shelves to enable you to keep everything from a stash of magazines, books, children’s toys, board games, pens, and other small items.

Whether you need storage or not, you still need a coffee table to serve as a serving table for drinks and snacks without the risk of overthrowing them. Pick a table the can hold cups, glasses, and plates steadily.

This Modrest Perlite Modern White Tiered Coffee Table may not be children or pet-friendly because of its sharp edges, but offers great functionality.

Alternatively, if décor is your priority, then choose a modern coffee table with lines and texture in its material. Make sure you love it, though!

Once you have decided on the above factors, check modern online furniture stores. Make sure you are armed with your list!

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Remodeling Your Home with Modern Furniture LA


There are two hot trends in home remodeling. One is opening up small indoor space to make way for multi-purpose rooms. Two is creating a functional space, such as a work or study room that doubles as a guest room. This is the same with modern furniture. So, whether you live in a small space, want functional furniture, or save a few dollars on your furniture purchase, multi-functional modern furniture is the best choice.

Modern furniture manufacturers developed multi-purpose modern furniture to cater for modern homes with limited spaces. To save on space, modern home design features joint living/dining rooms. Some even have the living room and kitchen together. This open layout floor plan is not restricted to small homes. As this design becomes even more popular, even big homes feature floor layout plan. Today’s modern home designs have public spaces instead of close spaces.

Even a home office can double as a family entertainment room after a day’s work. Children’s shared bedrooms become multipurpose. They are not just for sleeping but also for play or study area.

Even the attic becomes a bedroom cum study room or music room. The garage is no longer confined to housing the family car. A section of the garage space becomes the laundry room or a home gym.

Multitask rooms offer a diverse range of activities, such as eating, relaxing, resting, doing homework, welcoming guests, exercising, making music, sewing and crafting, washing your clothes, office space, and more!

Creating Functional Rooms

  1. Divide

To avoid your room from being too disordered, learn the rudiments of dividing your space. This could be as simple as changing your color scheme or painting as your transition from one function to the other. Furniture can also serve this purpose. Curtains can also function as division by rolling them up or letting them down depending on the extent of separation you need. More solid room dividers like a bookcase can add to the multitasking functionality of a room. It would be better if you could have a bookcase with casters for easier positioning wherever you wish.

  1. Dual Purpose

To have a winning multitasking room, it is important that every item in it serves two or more purposes. A good example is a sofa bed or an ottoman, where you can sit comfortably or stretch your tired legs but also serves as a bed. Or a chest that functions as a writing desk or vanity table. A multitasking room will be successful with the help of multipurpose modern furniture.

  1. Storage

Another thing you must have is plenty of storage. Custom-made furniture is great but expensive. If you are on a budget, you can have pretty and sturdy storage with modern furniture. Chest and drawers with plenty of drawers can hide your items so your bedroom will look spic and span. Modern sofas with built-in shelves and cabinets offer space for items that can no longer fit on your bookshelf. This design is ideal for items that should be nearby.


  1. Lighting Fixture

What is more interesting with multipurpose modern furniture is the built-in lights. You can a bed with lights on the headboard. A modern sectional sofa with an ambient light beside the armrest is great. It does not only give you light while reading a book, but it also gives a warm glow at night.


Although this design provides additional lighting, it is important to mount the appropriate lights for a variety of activities. Softer lights are better for cozy conversations in the evening, so make sure to have a table or floor lamp. Task lights are great in the study, home office, and even in the kitchen or dining room.

So do not feel low with having a small space. Take time to study your available space and make a floor layout. Check online modern furniture LA stores and get multitasking furniture not only to maximize your space but also to save on costs.

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5 Tricks for Small Space Entertaining using Modern Furniture

A small space should not prevent you from inviting friends over for a small tetè-a- tetè or party. If this is the reason, then follow these tips and have a great time!

Small Space Entertaining Tips

  1. Let your furniture work dual-purpose.

Check your furniture and reinvent their usage. If you have an ottoman, use this as a table for appetizers.

Adding more chairs can cramp your space. If the chairs are foldable or stackable, then it is not a problem because you can easily open one when you need it. To solve this issue, gather some cushions or throw pillows around your coffee table so guests can sit on them.

Another alternative is to add a few rugs for your guests to sit on instead of the sofa. This will make the atmosphere more congenial and relax.

Modern dining room sets introduced extendable dining tables, which is a great way to save on space. Extendable modern dining tables feature leaves that you can extend to accommodate more people during dinner. When folded, they are great for mingling during drinks and appetizers while having a conversation. The Modrest Glasgow Contemporary Extendable Glass Dining Table extends up to 30 inches can seat up to 10- 12 people comfortably when extended.

  1. Be creative with surfaces.

Unused space is hard to find in small spaces. So, where are you going to places those drinks, appetizers, and table napkins? Look around and be creative! Let your buffet serve this purpose. Get a tray and put all your party items. Next, place this on top of your buffet to make it look like a mock bar cart. The Modrest Aegean Modern Walnut and Teal Buffet was designed to hold wine bottles, making it a great piece for parties and can serve as a bar table.

  1. Free up your space for entertaining.

Your space will definitely feel full once your guests start to arrive so assign a space for clutter.  Move items, such as books, magazines, and children’s’ toys, etc. to another room. Lock the room during the duration of the party so no one will attempt to open it. If your space has an open plan, the best way to free space is to stock clutter in a box or storage box with lid. Cover the box with a mantel and use it as play table or for snacks.

  1. Lower your home’s temperature.

Remember, your space is small and it will get warm quickly once your guests start to arrive. Lower your heat at least one hour before they start arriving. It would be good to open a window to let air inside your home. Do not worry if your home gets chilly. It will soon get warm once your friends arrive.

  1. Dress up your dining table.

Make a superb centerpiece. It can be a flower arrangement or a bonsai plant with a few trimmings. Have candles beside this centerpiece. Doll up the napkins at each plate setting. It does not matter if things do not match. This is the best time to practice the mix-and-match tableware style and look. Add a festive cheer when making each plate setting at the table.

On the other hand, if you are just starting to fill your small space with furniture, opt for dual-purpose modern furniture.

The Renava Balcony Outdoor Set is not only for outdoor but also for indoor use. This dining patio furniture is so compact. Look just how the chairs tuck inside to come up as a single piece with the table.

Another good choice is this modern love seat with wooden trim. The wood trim is part of the extended base that can function to hold cups, glasses, or saucers.

This end table functions as a bar set. It does not eat so much space and stores wine bottles and glasses. It makes it easier anytime you want a drink whether with guests around or alone.

Modern furniture designs and styles are designed with more functionality. This innovation makes it easier for people living in small spaces to have furniture that serves the purpose they need.

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Get the Cozy Ambiance of a Small Space into a Big Space

A big space gives you every opportunity to dress it the way you like it. However, some problems may also arise. One of these is how to get the cozy ambiance found in a small space.

Some people who live in big houses often fill their space with furniture and accessories. This may be good if you have a good furniture layout plan. Like in a small space, a big space needs careful planning. You cannot just fill empty spaces with furniture and other items. When this happens, you end up having a messed up look.

A big living room may be nice or not. This all depends on your situation. Most people are having difficulties decorating their big space. Some tend to minimize furniture and decorations because they are afraid to make the room look cluttered. When this happens, the big space looks void with the empty spots. If you are hiring an interior decorator, then a big space will not be a problem. Hiring an interior decorator is not everybody’s cup of tea, though. Some would want to try their hand at decorating their homes. Check our tips to make your big space as cozy as a small space.

Get that Cozy Feeling into Your Big Space

  • Use Colors.

Use darker and affectionate colors for a cozy feel. Paint your walls in a dark color to make the room a little smaller and friendlier. If you do not want to paint your walls, then cover them with wallpapers. Choose those with bright colors and big and profound patterns. Use the color wheel to know you are picking the right dark shade. Choose a group of colors or shade that will establish an affable and inviting atmosphere. Deep tones of apricot or apricot, warm shade of red and rich shades of plum are good choices.

  • Create Areas.

Big spaces are usually emotionless and evoke feelings of unfriendliness. To counterbalance these feelings, create areas. Use area rugs to create areas for entertainment, conversation, and other activities. Area rugs will highlight these spaces. Use a 9” x 12” dimension area rug for a medium-sized living room. Go for a bigger rug for a bigger space. Use different colors and  patterns of area rugs to identify areas.

  • Use Modern Furniture to Create Focus Points.

Use modern furniture to create focus points in the room. Creating a focus point will make your big space cozier and friendlier. Large furniture, such as a modern sofa, the fireplace, a painting, television or a window with a good view can be focus points.

Consider intimate conversations once you have decided on your focus point. This will give your living room a sense of camaraderie. Conversations should not require you, family members, or guest to shout across the room. Leave a small space between your modern sofa and walls for that airy and comfortable look.

  • Liven Up the Room with Accessories.

a. Choose accessories that add warmth to the room. This will help in giving the room a welcoming and engaging atmosphere.


b. Choose a painting or artworks with colors to create a bold  statement. Make sure the colors blend well with your area rugs, throw pillows, and accessories.

c. Quilted chairs and back of sofas provide a homier appeal.

d. Pick accessories in rich shades of red, yellow, and orange for that cozy feel.

e. Fun and cool-colored throw pillows with various shapes, patterns, and textures provide a relaxed feel.

f. Have tall potted plants to fill empty spaces and to balance high ceilings.

g. Place scented candles on top of your modern coffee table or end table to build a stress-free mood.

A big living room offers you the opportunity to place modern living room furniture in two different ways so select the appropriate colors and follow these tips.

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Overturn the Simplicity of a White Bedroom with Colors

The idea of having a white bedroom may be attractive to some, but not to everyone! Would you care to have a white bedroom?

A white bedroom may have several advantages. One of these is your room looks immaculate and neat, but it can also look boring. Break the monotony of a white bedroom by incorporating colors.

  • Add a dash of red. Incorporate red accents to brighten up a white modern bedroom. Use red linens, pillows, table lamps, and other furnishings. The luster of red will provide a pulsating contrast in your white bedroom.

  • Use patterns to put texture in the room. Accentuate bed skirts and throw pillows with black trimmings. Get a brown comforter and match that with a brown area rug at the foot of the bed. Look for a mirror with brown frame. Use varied patterns on duvets and pillows to add more texture. You can do the same for the table lamp and mirror frame.

  • Establish a fine contrast. If you have a traditional white bedroom, blend in light grey or brown to establish a fine contrast. Checkered patterns combined with tonal-streaked walls provides a neutral hue that is both comforting and graceful.

  • Add elegance. A white bedroom is stunning and timeless. To build more style, add a traditional dresser, chest or nightstand and a colorful patterned area rug. Pick patterned pillows to match the style and texture of your rug. This combination will offset the boring look of a white bedroom.

  • Opt for a Southern European style. A Southern European style works well with a white bedroom. To accomplish this, choose furnishing carefully and incorporate textures. Look for vintage décor and blend them with the current collection that you have. To have oodles of textures, make sure that bed linen, pillows, and furnishings have plenty of patterns.

  • French-style white bedroom. To achieve a French-style white bedroom theme, pick soft and inviting creamy colors. Choose decorations in darker shade to promote and elegant variance. Look for furniture pieces that feature French carved accents or use transitional furniture.

  • Go for wood furniture. Wood furniture will counterbalance the harsh look or empty feel of white.

  • Soft fabrics. Pick soft fabrics for your pillows, throws, and area rug. Add warmth and softness by choosing off-white colors.

  • Add a touch of nature. Hang family and friends’ photos in wooden frames. Bring in house plants. It will not only make the room look alive, but will also disinfect it. Hang wall décor in a blend of white and warm hues to add more life in your white bedroom.

  • Build a soft lighting design. To do this, use a table lamp instead of an overhead lamp. Scented candles will also promote a soft lighting effect as well as make the room smell nice.

  • Use curtains. Hang white of off-white curtains to enhance further the luxury of a white bedroom. Flimsy curtains are a good pick because of their subtler feel. Thick curtains, on the other hand, provide a warmer ambiance.

The simplicity of a white bedroom is easy to enrich and enhance by using the choosing and using the proper colors. If this is done, your modern bedroom will have a refined excitement without losing its soothing atmosphere.

Remember, the bedroom is a place for sleeping, where we recharge our tired bodies. Therefore, it should be as quiet and peaceful as can be. Regardless of the colors of the bedroom furniture, theme, and style, it should have the important modern bedroom furniture and should have a calming atmosphere that induces sleep.

A modern white bedroom should not stop you from achieving the style that you want. Pairing it with the proper colors and incorporating the appropriate decorations will help you to have a relaxing and elegant bedroom with a push!




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