The Different Types of Leather Furniture Upholstery

5132c_white___black_web_1__1482161843_78834Plush leather furniture smells and feels luxurious because of its quality. However, not all leathers smell and feel this way. Yes, leathers are made or manufactured in the same manner.dim1__1482165001_70777

Leather undergoes complex treatment processes to produce several furniture products. This explains why there are various terms when referring to leather. The various types of leather have their own distinctive qualities and feel and hence, used for different purposes. Read below and learn the different types of leather and their qualities.

Types of Leather


Full Grain Leather

Full grain leather may have a few flaws, but it preserves all of the unique texture and markings of the original hide. This makes it look and feel better as it ages, making it the most luxurious type of leather. Furniture made of full grain leather is expensive.


To create full grain leather, hair is removed from the epidermis and soaked in some form of natural dye like analine vegetable dye. The whole hide is used but not all of the layers. Therefore, full grain leather is also known as untreated leather as it is not polished and finished.


Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is the most durable type of leather. Taken from the outer layers of the hide, it is also known as full grain or corrected grain pigmented leather. Compared to full grain leather, top grain has no flaws because it is polished making it remarkably soft to the touch and long lasting. Thus, furniture featuring top grain leather upholstery is more expensive.


Bonded Leather

Made from a mixture of leather scraps and fibers, bonded leather is made into a roll by using adhesives and other bonding agents. The process of manufacturing bonded leather is the same as that of making paper. To reduce the moisture content, the leather is put under a drying equipment. Some industry experts do not consider bonded leather as real leather because it contains only 10-17% leather fibers.


Do not get upset or jeer at it, though. Bonded leather as a furniture material offers numerous of advantages.

  • It is durable.
  • It contains low levels of formaldehyde because it does not go through chemical tanning, making it friendly to people with allergy.
  • It is a whole lot cheaper than real leather.


Split Grain Leather

After getting rid of the top grain, split leather comes from the remaining part of the hide. Thus, it is cheaper and compared to full grain. It is reasonably delicate and damages easily, requiring proper handling.


Nubuck Leather

Taken from the cattle’s top grain rawhide leather, nubuck’s grain side is sanded or polished. This results for it to have a suede or velvet appearance. Sprayed with a finishing agent, the exterior has a more uniform look. It is inexpensive than full grain leather. Furniture made of nubuck leather requires careful maintenance because it is fragile. It requires careful maintenance for the material to look good.


Formed by gluing a sheet of polyurethane color to a split grain, bi-cast leather looks like top grain leather, but is cheaper. It is not durable, however, and easily peels and cracks when exposed to too much friction.


Faux or Fabricated Leather

Created from synthetic materials, such as rubber-coated fabric and plastic. With the help of modern technology, its material composition is much better now. Modern sofas featuring faux leather upholstery are comfortable, cheaper, and looks like real leather.


Now that you know the different types of leather, it will be much easier for you to decide what kind of leather upholstery to buy! Online furniture stores sell modern Italian leather furniture and you may find it a little expensive, but it gives back your money’s worth!

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Modern Bedroom Sets – Complete Your Hideaway at Home


Modern bedroom sets are like the picturesque art pieces and architectural creations. Anyone who has an appreciation for fine lines in architecture and art will love modern bedroom sets. Not all of us know how to create that perfect modern bedroom setting. Some people would rather hire an interior designer, afraid they will spoil everything if they perform a DIY task.


You may not be an interior designer, but you have the enthusiasm and stamina of how you want your home to feel and look like. With a little careful shopping, you would be able to attain your goal and


Modern bedroom sets are the ideal pieces for your bedroom to have a complete retreat feel. Matched with modern bedroom furnishings, they allow you to make your bedroom a showcase of beautiful lines, design, and style. Unlike the traditional furniture, they are devoid of any intricacies; instead, they have a more direct approach with materials that conform to today’s modern lifestyle.


Modern furniture designs follow function,…


…so they are clearly ready to use and perform their job. Even without ornate designs, they feature accents in the form of mixing materials.


For example, you can find a lacquer finished modern bed with a lateral chrome accent on the headboard or tufted buttons on the headboard.


The accentuation may be simple compared to traditional furniture, but the design is clean and crisp. In fact, the typical signature modern bedroom sets stand out well among others, so they are capable of being on their own or mixed with other pieces.


With the absence of intricate details, modern bedroom sets are easy to mix and match, allowing you to create a theme that you have always wanted or imagine. Even the two-year-old designs of modern furniture will still work well with the 1920’s furniture. They are so versatile that it is not difficult to match modern bedroom sets to any style or era of furniture.


When choosing the bed, always remember that it is the center of your bedroom. Look for a modern bed with a sleek design and features contrasting colors. Black, grey, brown, beige, and white are the common colors of modern beds. You can also find some in red, yellow, purple, and blue. Wood is the common material used for the frame with some featuring chrome or stainless steel legs. Some even feature headboards that extend on both sides with built-in clear glass open shelves.


Still, others would feature leather or fabric-upholstered headboards, or headboards and bedsides accentuated with Rose gold accents — giving you that feel of having an elegant luxurious hideaway.


After choosing the bed, you need to pick the other bedroom furniture. This includes nightstands, dressers, chests, mirrors, and other furnishings, such as lighting, mirror, painting, or wall art. Do not put too many items in your bedroom. Having too many pieces can affect the mood of the room. Remember, a clean and orderly room is important to have that relaxing feel.


Before searching the other modern bedroom furniture, list all the things you need, what items to store, and the accent pieces that will complete your modern sanctuary.


It is common to find chests and drawers with chrome or stainless drawer pulls. The materials may include black or white woods with lacquered finish or with gold metal accents ready to steal anybody’s attention.


Modern bedroom furniture is the missing link to having your own secluded place right inside your home. You do not need to go anywhere else as long as you have set the bedroom in the way you want it to be. With accent pieces like painting, sculpture, or an accent wall, your bedroom will make a great retreat!

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5 Essential Elements to Consider when Buying a Modern Sofa


A sofa is a major seating furniture needed in every home. Known for various names, such as couch, divan, settee, davenport, it is a big investment like any other piece of furniture. With that said, it is necessary to get the best modern sofa for the price it commands. The following elements will make sure you get the best modern sofa at the best price.


What to Look for a Sofa

1.Examine the Frame

The frame should be sturdy, as this equates to its longevity. Look for hardwood-framed sofas. Hardwood may be expensive but is sturdier. Walnut, ash, oak, teak, mahogany, and beech are some examples of hardwood. Softwood is normally less expensive than hardwood but may wobble or warp in five years. Redwood, cedar, pine, yew, and juniper are some examples of softwood. Do not buy sofas with frames made of plastic, particleboard, or metal. They may crack and distort easily. Check the legs. They should be part of the frame or screwed or doweled onto the frame. Glued legs are signs of a low quality sofa.


Tip:  Lift a front corner of the sofa off the floor to about six inches. This will make the other front leg to lift off the floor, too. The frame is of poor quality if it stayed on the floor.

k8488_3pl_al_csr_orange-web_800x2. Inquire about the Joinery

Joints connected to the frame with screwed and glued corner blocks, double wooden dowels, wooden dowels, or metal brackets and screws are signs of solid construction. Some modern furniture makers use nails or staples for added reinforcement. A couch that is held together only by nails, staples, or glue is not durable.


Tip:  Request for the manufacturer’s manual or information about the frame joinery of the sofa.


3. Check the Springs

Springs are a common element in making sofas. Also known as serpentine, these are sinuous and pre-assembled units of coiled wire. If the metal is not heavy, they can squeeze on the frame or sag and drop over time although they are agreeably supportive. Modern sofas feature 8-way hand-tied springs that make them better and more comfortable. Touch the upholstery and feel the springs under it. The springs should be firm and near each other. Do not buy a couch with mesh, webbing, or no springs, as it is weak and uncomfortable.


Tip:  Sit tightly on the outside edge or corner of the sofa. Any squeaking or creaking sound means that the springs are hitting the frame, or improperly placed.


4. Feel the Fillings

A sturdy filling is a sign of good quality. High-density and high-resilient filling is hard to the touch and slightly costlier but is durable and long lasting. Low-density filling, on the other hand, is softer and inexpensive but depreciates more quickly with constant use. Polyester fiber is low-cost but crushes or squashes easily. Polyurethane foam is less expensive and easy to care. Duck- and goose-feather fillings are comfortable but they jumble.


The best pick? The goose down mixed with feathers is delightfully thickset, plump, and costlier. It is a high-maintenance filling so you need to fluff the cushions frequently.

mb-1473-web_1_800xThe down-polyfiber blend is least expensive but flattens rapidly.

Tip:  Conventional foam wrapped in polyester batting and HR foam in a layer of down polyfiber are two good choices. Both are reasonably priced and comfortable.


5. Durable Upholstery

With everyday use, you need tough sofa upholstery. There is no doubt that leather is tough, but this also depends on the type of leather used. Genuine leather is definitely tough but is very expensive. (Learn more about the different types of leather on our next article.)

vg2t0618a_800xFabric is another upholstery used for sofas. Excellent choices are cotton and linen. You need to pay attention for loose weaves, as these will cause problems. Although cotton and linen treated to resist stain, they are not easy to clean and as durable. Synthetic microfiber is another good choice. It imitates most fabrics and is stain resistant. Wool is beautiful and gorgeous like leather but are expensive. Silk is lustrous but delicate. Fabrics with woven in patterns last longer compared to those with printed patterns. A combination of natural and synthetic fibers tend to pill in a year.


Tip:  Ask for a piece of fabric larger than the regular swatch from the modern furniture store. Place it where you intend to place the sofa. Look at it in both natural and artificial light and see how you feel after a few days. If you still like it after a few days, then go ahead and buy the modern sofa with that upholstery.


If you are buying sofas online, make sure you buy from reliable online modern furniture stores. You also should check on the store’s background, reviews, and years of existence.



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What Makes A Sofa Modern

One of the most common misconceptions about the phrase “Modern furniture” is that it’s literally referring to the style of the moment. When we use the term within the context of interior design, it actually refers to a specific time and style. This style reached its height in the early to mid 20th century, which is why it also goes by the name “Mid-Century Modern”. (Contemporary sofas are also very similar.) What distinguishes this style is it’s minimalism – it’s sleek, sophisticated, and chic. Your eye may not be drawn to any one detail in particular but rather the cohesiveness of the whole. Contrast this to Baroque or Italian Classic styles that feature ornamentation and embellishment – here there there is an appreciation of simplicity, subtlety, and understated luxury. Many sofas in this style come in luxurious fabrics such as leather – for a richness in materials and thoughtfulness to form.

Some people who typically prefer more detailed pieces may want to look into a Mid Century modern sofa because it doesn’t compete with the rest of the composition of a room. It can blend in seamlessly so that the attention goes to other areas. In a room that already has a lot of character or a dominant style this is a balanced addition. Another benefit is that it’s clean structure was specifically designed to open up the space of a room. If a room in your home is feeling a little crowded, you’re trying to downsize on the amount of furniture, or are moving into a new home where you want to maximize the feeling of open space – this is the perfect choice. It will add function and grace without losing any of the elegance that a more traditionally ornamental piece can provide.

Even though Modern interior design doesn’t specifically refer to this exact moment in time, the style is very popular at the moment. Investing in this design will keep a room looking chic for years. It may seem like this style of sofa can do it all – that’s because their minimalism really makes them that versatile. They will smoothly adapt to almost any other genre, space, or environment – which is exactly why they are preferred by so many designers. We have a wide array of Modern sofas to choose from (over 700 at the time of this writing) in a diverse range of colors and fabrics. Our staff have backgrounds in interior design to guide you towards the ideal piece for your home. Stop by any of our modern furniture stores today for personalized advice.

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Design Layout for a Small Space Apartment


Living in a small apartment and thinking how to squeeze your items inside may seem impossible. Some people, however, made it and were happy! Now think of yourself living in a smallish space and want to make the best of the available space. Will you be able to come up with a good design idea that will make your living space functional and stylish?


Being able to do what you need to do in a small space apartment and be happy with it give rise to several questions. What kind of furniture do you need? How are you going to design your space without making it look cramped? Another problem you may face when renting a unit are the rules set by the building owner that limit your options.  icaria_kasos__1480873260_34042

Designing and Planning Your Small Space Apartment

Decide what You Need. 

Know what you really need and design your space to suit those needs. Your lifestyle is a big factor in deciding what you need.

dylan_drs_wal_2__1480873665_12971If you were the fashionable type of a person, you would need ample space for your clothes and accessories. Small spaced apartment usually have a small hallway that opens up to the main living area on one end and opposite it is the bathroom. Place your clothes closet in this small hallway. Get a closet that has built-in drawers and panels with rods. If you cannot have this, opt to have a rectangular dresser with several drawers and install rods to hang clothes.torino_mirror_2__1480874719_79770

Hang a mirror on the wall a little above the chest that will serve as your vanity area. Get a flat open shoe storage for aeration.


Identify the Furniture Needed.

  • Look for multi-functional furniture. Modern furniture manufacturers have come out with multi-functional furniture with stylish designs. Even the materials used are awesome, introducing eco-friendly materials.


Platforms beds with under bed storage, sofa beds with storage,


…coffee tables with drawers, storage ottomans are great buys. They do not only serve one purpose but also give that much-needed storage to prevent clutter.benz_grey_02_dsc_1832__1480873118_98149


  • Maximize Your Space. After identifying the furniture you need, it is time to take extra steps to maximize your space.


  • Label the zones within your small space. Have accent walls for each zone or place an area rug in the living room. This technique will create a room within a room.


  • If it is impossible to paint the walls, hang a huge painting or any wall art. Removable wall decals are another great option to label the zones.


  • Make use of the doors. Get those shoe storage bags and hang these on the fronts and backs of doors. Another best way to make use of doors is hang a vanity mirror, or use it as a creative bulletin board. Be artistic and let your creativity come out!



  • Create illusion. Mirrors, glass furniture, and furniture with highly polished surfaces will help expand a small space. Choose furniture with legs. Buy a modern sofa that has sturdy legs. Furniture raised above the floor opens up space, making the room look bigger.


  • Avoid clutter. Make your space clean and organized. Creativity and ingenuity are necessary for a small-spaced apartment. Your limited space will look even more restricted if clutter is everywhere. Stay organized. Always put things back where they belong.


If you need a home office space, this modern office desk is enough to have that working area you need.


  • Lighting. Lighting is an essential element in decorating a home. Table or floor lamps are great to have. They will provide that ambient feel in your home. You still need a general light, but switching a lamp is enough if you are just watching TV.


Giving your small space apartment a dazzled, functional look is not difficult. Review the tips above before you start buying items to make it nice, warm, and livable!

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Dress Up Your Guest Room for that Hostel Feel


With the holiday season just a few weeks from now, it is time to dress up your guest room for families who are staying a night or two. If you do not have a guest room, you could use one of your kids’ room, or create a cubicle or bunk room.


The presence of house guests usually sparks feelings of privacy invasion. There are people staying or sitting on your favorite sofa or having to race with someone in using the bathroom, and coffee cups left anywhere. Not only that, you also need to prepare food that is more than what you normally do that can affect your budget greatly. It would have been nice if they could stay in hostels or motels. The situation may be different if these are your parents, sisters, as you can ask them to share with the expenses while they are still there. Some would even voluntarily do the shopping.


This is perhaps the reason why some homeowners have decided to turn a spare room into an “earning guest room”. It comes handy if you expect family members and can be a source of income for friends looking for a cheaper accommodation. This sounds interesting, isn’t it? Are you ready to know how you can do this? Well, read our tips and make that room earn a few dollars for you!


Modern Bedroom Look  

Make your guest room feel deluxe by painting your walls in neutral colors. Neutrals are good to begin with as they can stand on their own. Beiges, browns, greys, and whites are exceptional picks. Neutral-colored walls will stand out even more and look fresher if paired with crisp white beddings, nightstands with silver table lamps.


Give it an even better striking look by hanging a high gloss framed mirror on the wall. For a touch of warmth, choose warm colors like red, orange, or blue for other accessories and furnishings. The best thing with neutral-colored walls and fabrics is you can mix and match, making it simpler and uncomplicated in picking choices.

Tip:  Place a luggage rack near the end of the modern bed for your guests to place their luggage.


Antiquated Bedroom Look

Paint your walls yellow and have a four-poster bed or this Modrest Wharton Modern Dark Aged Oak Bed. This combination will give your guest room that interesting old-fashioned look. Complement this with warm, comfortable beddings and classic, contrasting pillow designs to make the room look special.



Tip:  Place a narrow table or desk along a wall to function as an amenities table. The Modrest Avis Modern Walnut Console Table will complete the antiquated look. Place a coffee pot, a few paper cups, and stacks of clean towels on the tabletop. Make sure to have a notepad containing your phone/mobile number, Wi-Fi code, and local taxi service’s phone number.


Warm, Soft Beddings

Make your guest feel welcome and comfortable with warm, soft beddings. Of course, this will depend on the season they are staying in your home.


Sweet, Relaxing Smell

Have scented potpourris or aromatherapy candles on sculptured silver candle holders. Better yet, use aromatherapy oils for that sweet, relaxing smell. Leave a spray bottle on top of the amenity table so they can freshen up the room.



Leave two sets of keys for your guest to prevent him from locking himself out.


It is important to equip your guest room with necessities. It would even be better if it could have an en-suite bathroom. This will give both your guest and family their own privacy and prevent rushing because someone is waiting for you to finish your own thing. Making your guest room full equipped will let them be self-reliant. This saves you from worrying about their needs and having to check on them from time to time.


Start fixing that guest room now to get it ready for the holiday. Check LA Furniture Store for their latest modern furniture sale items!




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