Haunted Halloween Theme

Redecorate just in time for your annual Halloween party. We’ll help you spook guests with the following items.



1. LB11 Modern Black Table Lamp

Modern Black Table Lamp

2. 3087 Modern Orange And Black Leather Sectional Sofa And Coffee Table

Sectional Sofa And Coffee Table

3. Modrest NHTC1012-S Silver Sculpture

Silver Sculpture

4. SZ0048 Modern Silver Voluptuous B Sculpture

Silver Voluptuous B Sculpture

5. Modrest Wixon Modern Black Round Coffee Table

Black Round Coffee Table

6. Modrest Anais Contemporary Orange Leatherette Accent Chair

Orange Leatherette Accent Chair

7.Modrest Mantova by Linie Design Modern Black Area Rug

Modern Black Area Rug

8. Modrest Panther Modern Black Sculpture

Modern Black Sculpture

This article was first available on Haunted Halloween Theme. Find more on: LA Furniture Store Blog


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