Important Tips to Know When Buying Bar Stools


Bar stools will always be a functional piece of furniture. It may be that they were associated with pubs and bars, but modern furniture design has changed that thinking. To date, bar stools are everywhere. You see them in restaurants, modern homes, coffee shops, fast foods, and even in snack bars. Bar stools are the most convenient and practical piece of seating to have in a home with limited space. Before you start shopping for bar stools, check out our tips!


Check the Bar Stool Features

Adjustable Height. Some bar stools are fitted with a hydraulic pump that results inan adjustable seat height. This feature is great because it allows children and adults to use the stool without difficulty.


360-Degree Rotating Facility. With a swivel facility, you can turn from side to side without having to stand up or move the stool. This feature gives you the opportunity to see the face of the person at your back or at your sides without having to strain your neck.


Footrest. Most modern bar stools feature a footrest. This keeps your feet relaxed when seated preventing your feet from dangling and makes it easier to go down the stool.

01_cora_grey_barstool_dsc_5276_copy__1480240924_63601The Materials

The Frame. The common materials used for a bar stool frame includes wood, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, wicker, and plastic. Whatever frame material you choose depends on what appeals to you most. There is no question about durability as all of these materials are excellent! They come in various colors with wood and metal frames offering a variety of finishes. Make sure to choose a frame that blends with your current décor and matches your current finishes and metal items.


The Seat. The materials used for the bar stool seat includes upholstery (leather or fabric), wood, metal, and wicker. Upholstered bar stool seat is more comfortable.


If you have less time to clean your space, choose low-maintenance bar stools. Those made from wood, metal, leather, and fiber are easy to maintain.



Design and Style

With Arms. Bar stools with arms present a more formal look. Cushioned arms offer the best comfort while those with wood arms assure stand for structure.




Armless. Bar stools without arms are essentially the classic style of bar stools.  These styles are common in bars but are now seen modern homes.


Some people may prefer without arms to that of with arms. It all depends on the user’s preference.


Back Styles. You can choose from stools with a full back, a low back, or a backless style.


The full back style is ideal when sitting for long hours,…


…while the low back style is perfect for a gentle and laid-back feel. Pick the backless style for a casual feel. They are also ideal for a narrow space.


The Bar Stool Height. Don’t forget the bar stool height! Look for a 9 to 13 inches allowance between the stool seat and the bottom of the bar or countertop. The height of the bar table or countertop will be your basis when choosing the bar stool height.


Table bar stools height go from 18 – 23 inches and can take in a 28 – 30 inches surface height.


Bar stools vary in height from 28 to 30 inches and can accommodate a 40 to 42 inches surface height. Restaurants prefer this height of stools.


Counter height bar stools range from 24 to 26 inches and are perfect for a 36 – 39 inches surface height. They are smaller than the typical restaurant or bar stool.


An extra tall height is a good to pair with a 44 to 47 inches surface height because of their 33 to 36 inches height.


Consider the horizontal space around your bar stool. Observe a 6-inch space between stools to prevent banging each other’s elbows and to have enough space when getting off the stool. Add a couple of inches if you are having modern bar stools with arms, though.

1419_bs_yellow_web__1480240544_31645The Style

Consider the style of your home when choosing the bar stool style. This includes the colors and materials that you currently have in your home.


Modern and Contemporary. These bar stools have sleek lines and upholstered seats or molded from wood, metal or plastic.


Industrial. Industrial-styled bar stools is a mixture of form and function. They are a blend of salvaged woods and distressed metals that project a no-nonsense, utilitarian feel.

t_1059cn_brown__1480242378_87671Traditional. Traditional bar stools feature ornate detailing, with curved legs and carvings. They are usually made of dark wood, creating a formal look in any living space.




Explore is the word! Do not be afraid to mix and match. Add a striking contrast by incorporating metal modern bar stools to a predominantly wood bar, kitchen, or in your living space.


Or have a couple of stackable metal bar stools to blend with your modern dining chairs.


Or an all fabric stationary bar stool mixed in a living room with leather upholstered modern sofa set.  You can also pick wood modern bar stools to foster a relaxing nature feel in your high gloss living space.


At LA Modern Furniture, you get a wide variety of modern bar stools that suit any home theme, modern, contemporary or conventional!

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Different shapes of Modern sofas

The versatility of a Modern sofa makes it the leading choice in interior design today. In addition to the variety of colors and materials, it also comes in a variety of unique shapes.

The i-shape is the classic shape that comes to mind when you think of a sofa. Picture a straight line – that’s the i-shaped sofa. It may be constructed as one large seat or it may be divided up into multiple cushions, but the identifying characteristic is the uniform straight shape. I-shaped sofas lend themselves well to any space. It’s a shape that never goes out of style. Much of the variety in i-shaped sofas comes from the shades and types of materials used.

The u-shape sofa can be three i-shapes connected into a “u”, or have a chaise lounge-style end pieces. It provides extra seating while still maintaining a classic and clean look. A u-shaped sofa is great for families or those who enjoy entertaining company. They’re also great if you have a room that feels empty due to excess space. A modern u-shaped sofa helps fill the room in a functional way without making it look too busy. Especially in leather, a u-shaped sofa adds elegant form and function to a room.

A modern sectional sofa (sometimes also called a modular sofa) is the best of both worlds; the seating accommodation of a u-shape with the versatility of a i-shape. It comes in separate pieces that can be styled however one wishes. People love sectional sofas for their redesign value, because the individual pieces can be rearranged and restyled at any time, it’s like getting multiple sofas in one. They’re a great investment for people who like to change things up frequently or want to make an investment they will use for years to come. If you like the idea of positioning a sofa into a corner as opposed to the middle of a room, it’s especially easy to do with a sectional. They’re also easier to move with than a u-shaped sofa thanks to the individual pieces. Sectionals come in a variety of textiles and materials, like leather and sophisticated fabrics, to maintain a high-end feel while still being convenient.

We have a selection of over 700 sofas to browse on our website, or visit one of our Contemporary furniture store for personalized recommendations.

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Great Ideas for a Modern Dining Room Layout


The dining room is a special place in the home. Its primary function is to enjoy meals together with the family and friends over lengthy conversations, laughter, tears, and other emotions. It also serves as an area for heart-to-heart talks, a study place, and bonding area where the family can enjoy a game of board games.


It is important that your dining room reflects your lifestyle and provides a comfortable setting for you, your family, and guests. The size of the room is one of the factors to consider when designing your dining room layout. It is your basis for determining the size of furniture to purchase and where and how to place it. Following are a few great ideas for a dining room layout.

Dining Room Layouts


Eat-in or Breakfast Nook

This design has the eating area near the kitchen. Set the eat-in or breakfast nook near the cooking area if your dining room includes the kitchen. Have three walls surround this area for a cozier, relaxing look. Limit the furniture to make the place look more spacious.

  • lit180100_72425_reese_bench_wood_lr_01_dsc_7801_copy__1478573110_68879A round, oval, square or even a rectangular table with three or four chairs and a bench are good choices.


  • Place the modern dining room set in a corner of the room to present a built-in appeal. It would be nice if it there was a window near it because you could have a glimpse of the morning sun while enjoying breakfast. Windows create a cozier and warmer feel. Hang large wall mirrors to make your nook feel airy if there are no windows,  You can also use this space as a study area.


Small Dining Room

There are several techniques to make a small dining room look open and roomy although it may be a big challenge decorating this space. Here is how you should start.


  • Look for a modern extendable dining table. Extendable dining tables have leaves that easily slip under the tabletop. It can accommodate more people once you extend the leaves, which is a great thing for larger gatherings. Buy modern dining room chairs that you can use for other purpose or place in the other areas of your home.


  • Get a modern buffet where you can display your decorative chinaware, glassware, cutlery, and other dining items. Use the surface to hold displays like a piece of sculpture, a decorative, an attractive candle holder or pot of plant.


  • Hang a mirror over the buffet to make the room look larger. Another alternative is to mount a plate rack on the wall to serve as an accent piece.


  • Armless dining chairs are the best choice for small dining rooms. It allows everyone to move more freely while eating and makes space look less congested.


  • Make your small dining room look larger by choosing a round pedestal table. The lack of corners gives you more room to adjust and prevents each other to bump elbows.


Large Dining Room

A large dining room gives you more flexibility to choose different sizes, designs, and styles of modern dining room sets. Following are some tips when choosing modern dining room furniture.


  • Pick a style (contemporary dining room, modern dining room, or traditional dining room) that best suits your décor. This will help in narrowing down your furniture choices.


  • Place the dining room table in the center of the room when arranging your furniture. Position the dining table under your lighting fixture if the living room and dining room shares the same area. Use this as your guide when placing the other furniture pieces like the chairs, buffet, and lighting. Any dining table shape is suitable for larger dining areas.


  • Next, position decorative accessories and other furniture pieces with storage space, table lamps, etc. in the remaining free space.


Make your dining room exciting this coming holiday season. Explore and try these great ideas for your dining room layout! Check the net and search for modern dining room sets sale!

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Furniture to Think Of When Moving Out


There is always a stage in our lives when we need to move from one house to another. From college dorms to our first studio or apartment, single living to married life, or relocating to another location because of a job promotion. Whatever your reason is for moving out, we pick out items to bring along with us. So, where do you start?

Decision Time


  • Choose Only the Items You Love and Need

You need to be practical on this aspect. If you don’t, you will end up spending more money. It is obvious that bringing small items is cheaper. Make sure they will fit your new home if you intend to bring along big items like furniture. Perhaps it is better to sell old items and buy new modern furniture pieces. You also need to check if the old pieces will still last for at least a year. You do not want to end up storing these furniture pieces in the attic. Besides, you will not be able to resell them if they look too dilapidated. It is not a problem if they are repairable. Focus on looks and function to develop your own personal style in your new home. From there, you will be able to know which items you love and need!



  • Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture

The basic reason of having clutter at home is not knowing the difference between what is useful and not. We always have the notion that an item is worth keeping if it is not broken or is free. Evaluate if the furniture will serve your purpose to avoid the trouble of having unwanted items in your new home. Sell or donate them if the furniture will not serve your purpose.  Selling is the best move because it gives you the opportunity to buy new and modern furniture.


  • Measure Your Available Space

Impulse buying is the culprit why we accumulate things. This practice normally results to spending money for something that is not worth it or useless. The second mistake is buying furniture that does not fit in the space. For example, you bought a modern sofa because of its inspiring design and style only to realize it will not fit through the door or a queen-size modern bed that occupies all the bedroom space. It is a good thing if you purchase the furniture from a modern furniture Houston store that accepts returns and replaces the furniture


  • Consider Future House Moves when Buying Modern Furniture

You should be open to the possibility of moving house in the future when buying new furniture. This is especially true if you are renting out a home, or even expecting an upward move in your job. Decide if the furniture is easy to transport and if it will still be useful.


  • Avoid Making Rush Decisions

Be patient. Allow yourself some time to evaluate your situation. Take into consideration money, quality, and time. Rushed decisions always fail because it leads to buying something you do not really need and paying too much.


Plan your moving house and give time to prepare. Choose the house that suits your requirements and plan how you want to design it. Then think of the modern home furniture pieces that suit your lifestyle and needs. By doing this, you will get better results that will last longer, as well as give you opportunities to save money and time! Pick the right modern furniture store where to buy furniture.

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Coffee Tables – How to Make a Choice


A coffee table is one of the essential furniture pieces needed in the living room. It is available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. It is also made of various materials. Some people even call it a cocktail table.


Choosing a Coffee Table


Coffee tables come in various shapes, with the rectangular shape being the most popular. So you have a choice of picking the shape ranging from round, square and the most modern style furniture shapes like octagonal, hexagonal and so on.  ct816__1478353468_64259

A rectangular coffee table is recommended if you love to use it when playing board games with the family. Use your largest sofa to gauge the shape of coffee table shape. The rectangular shape would do well when paired with a larger sofa. Oblong-shape tables are another good match for a larger modern couch.


Have a small or round top coffee table in front of two smaller chairs or a small love seat. Round coffee tables are ideal if you have children around because they do not have sharp edges. They are softer to look at and easier to squeeze into smaller spaces.


Choosing the shape will depend on your preference.  It is important to consider how you will use the coffee table before picking the shape of the table.



When choosing the size, think of the sofa you will pair with the coffee table. A longer contemporary sofa needs a longer coffee table. It should have a comfortable height so it will not be difficult to reach the items on top of it. There should be adequate space between the edge of the modern couch and the table. Allow at least 18 inches of space between the two furniture for comfortable legroom.



How do you plan to use your coffee table? This factor is essential when choosing this table.


As Accent Piece. If you intend to use the coffee table as an accent piece, choose a coffee table that will attract attention. Modern coffee tables are made of a mixture of materials. Your choices range from lacquer finishes, crocodile lacquer finishes, concrete, tempered glass, and wood. The modern coffee tables may not be as ornate as the traditional tables, but even with a minimalist design, they command attention. So make a wise choice for this purpose. Make it more striking by putting a nice flower arrangement or a piece of sculpture on top.


As Storage. If you want the coffee table to function as storage for items in the living room, pick a coffee table with drawers. Look at the different designs of modern furniture Los Angeles. The designs suit various storage needs of members of the household, making your living space look neat and organized.


For Recreation. This refers to using the coffee table for pleasure, particularly for a game of checkers or cards, or any board games with the family or guests.


Always choose a coffee table that serves your purpose well and one that fits in with the whole living room design. This is the only way you can feel happy and proud with your purchase!

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Haunted Halloween Theme

Redecorate just in time for your annual Halloween party. We’ll help you spook guests with the following items.



1. LB11 Modern Black Table Lamp

Modern Black Table Lamp

2. 3087 Modern Orange And Black Leather Sectional Sofa And Coffee Table

Sectional Sofa And Coffee Table

3. Modrest NHTC1012-S Silver Sculpture

Silver Sculpture

4. SZ0048 Modern Silver Voluptuous B Sculpture

Silver Voluptuous B Sculpture

5. Modrest Wixon Modern Black Round Coffee Table

Black Round Coffee Table

6. Modrest Anais Contemporary Orange Leatherette Accent Chair

Orange Leatherette Accent Chair

7.Modrest Mantova by Linie Design Modern Black Area Rug

Modern Black Area Rug

8. Modrest Panther Modern Black Sculpture

Modern Black Sculpture

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