Live Comfortably in a Studio Apartment with Modern Furniture


It is not surprising to know that more people live in studio apartments because of the continuing high cost of real estate. Studio apartments have limited spaces, where the homeowner needs to have only the necessary items. Multipurpose modern furniture is the best choice when living in studio apartments.


People living in studio apartments include students, single individuals who either live on their own or share the space and even couples with one or two kids. It is a big challenge decorating studio apartments and making it look multi-functional. There may be instances that it can look disorderly and messy because of the limited space. Make your studio apartment a livable and functional space by following these tips.


Tips to Having a Functional Studio Apartment

Choose a Theme. Pick a theme that will bring a harmonious ambiance and feel into your studio apartment. Stick to a simple and well-defined theme.


Paint Color. Choose light colors like off-white, cream to make your apartment appear larger.


Define the Space. Defining your space will make each area private and a sense of space. This will help you manage and utilize the limited space and make separate functional living areas. Bookcases, open shelves, blinds, or even sofas are great room dividers.


The Size of Furniture. Measure the assigned space for each room. Avoid choosing big pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that the room will appear larger if more floors are visible. So, pick furniture that has legs. Choose furniture that is appropriate to the size of each area but do not fill your space with small pieces of furniture. It is better to have one big modern sofa than have four or five chairs.


Furniture Design. Keep it simple and striking. Make use of multipurpose furniture to prevent clutter. With a limited space, you cannot afford to have items scattered on the floor or pile up on top of the other or other furniture.


Pick furniture that offers storage space. Modern furniture designers have introduced practical, dual-purpose, and space-saving furniture.


Establish a Focal Point. A focal point is important in small spaces. For example, a red modern couch is a perfect focal point in the living room or a melodramatic bed in the bedroom. Again, make sure that the size of your accent furniture is appropriate for the size of the room. Try this Estro Salotti Sosia Modern Cognac Italian Leather Hand Accent Chair featuring a striking, unique design.


Furniture Layout. This part is where you can have a few problems. It is a fact that decoration small or limited spaces are challenging. You need to make your studio apartment attractive and useful and make it attractive and elegant.


The secret in having an efficient, comfortable, and attractive studio apartment lies in the furniture layout. Place furniture appropriately to avoid blocking traffic through the space. A better method to keep your area functional is having an “L-shaped” layout. This allows good traffic preventing people to bump into each other or knock the furniture.


Assign the corner as your bedroom space. If there is an alcove, use it as your bedroom.


A modern bed with storage would make your bedroom clutter-free and convenient…


…or even a sofa bed, offering you a seat during the day and a bed at night.


Furniture Design. Opt for minimalism. Modern furniture design is  simple yet practical design. It would turn your limited space into a cozy and elegant home. Sleek designs with polished finish would give that luxurious feel.


For modern living room furniture, your choices range from a loveseat, L-shape sectional, sofa with extended base or shelves.


You can add two or three pieces of chairs…


…or a bench with a backrest.


You can create a foyer by hanging a large mirror on the wall and place an accent table with drawers or shelves beneath the mirror.  Hanging a mirror in your living room would make your space larger, so take note of that!


Studio apartments normally have the dining and kitchen together. Why not make this room efficient and serviceable by having the Modrest Sven Contemporary White Walnut Floating Bar Table. You can use it as a bar table and a dining table, too.


Get a couple of bar stools to pair with it.

sbl_9211_72877_markham_grey_9_6_2016_lr_01__1475049572_28904Living in a studio apartment is not an excuse for not having an inviting and comfortable home. With the design, proper choice, and layout of furniture, wall paint colors, and accessories, you can turn your small space the envy of your friends!

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Create a Romantic Bedroom with Modern Bedroom Sets


The bedroom is, without a doubt, the romantic space of the home. This does not single-out unmarried people, as the bedroom serves as a personal hideaway. As a personal refuge, any individual would want their bedroom to have a dreamy and quixotic feel. How can one create a romantic bedroom? What elements can make a bedroom feel this way?italia_bedroomset_3__1474471009_83597

How to Have a Romantic Bedroom

  • Modern Furniture. When buying a bed, choose a modern bed that offers you adequate space allowing you to move freely when asleep. Pick a bed with a tall headboard so you can rest your back comfortably if you prefer to sit on the bed while reading a book. A bed that can hold the mattress firmly is another point to consider. You can choose to have a leather-upholstered headboard or frame to enhance the quixotic and dreamy feel of the bedroom. Modern bedroom sets enhance a person’s comfort, and at the same time, add style in the bedroom. There are several designs that provide the bedroom a feel of romanticism like the Nova Domus Romeo Italian Modern Black & Rosegold Bed. The overall modish appeal of this bed adds to the ease and physical relief of a modern bedroom.


  • Chest, Dresser and Nightstand. A clean and organized bedroom equates to having a romantic bedroom. Chest and drawers are very handy on having a clutter-free room.01_romeo_dresser_dsc_4302_copy_1__1474470805_13247
  • Make sure to buy a dresser and chest that have at least 3 – 4 drawers to accommodate big or small items. Additionally, a nightstand on either side of the bed with two or three drawers would also ensure a clean and organized bedroom.


  • Beddings and Linens. A comfortable bed is not complete without soft and warm beddings. The perfect fabrics to achieve a romantic bedroom include satin and silk, making you feel warm, comfortable, and sexy. If budget is an issue, you can have 100% cotton sateen. Cotton sateen has the same cozy and luxurious feel of satin and silk. The color of the bedding is another thing. Gold, bronze, or pearl colors establish romance into the bedroom. Red, blue, green, black and white are other colors appropriate for making a romantic bedroom.


  • Lighting. Lighting plays an essential part in creating the ambiance of any room. To complete the romantic feel, hang a chandelier or pendant light as the general lighting in the room.


  • A stand lamp like this Modern Tree Floor Lamp is another good choice for that sweet, dreamy bedroom appeal.


  • Of course, do not forget the table lamp for your nightstand. Ensure that the lamps have bulbs that give off soft illumination. Install a dimmer switch for your lighting so it would be easy to adjust the brilliance of the lights as well as to turn them on and off.


  • Candles. Candles can elicit feelings of closeness and tenderness, particularly scented candles. The flickering flame of the candles adds beauty while enhancing the quixotic feel of the bedroom. Grouping the candles together and placing them in a strategic point provide the best effect.


  • Mirror. Mirrors can make a small room look larger and they reflect light, giving more depth to your modern bedroom.


  • Curtains. Window curtains or drapes can hold back the lights from the sun and traffic, and other deafening external noise. Another way to use curtains for that romantic mood is to drape it around your bed or on the walls just over the headboard. It would also be a good idea to have curtains that have the same fabric as that of your bed.


  • Music. Play soft, romantic music in the room for that dreamy state. Place your player or music device in an entertainment center that can hold CDs and other stuff.



So there, achieving a romantic bedroom is not at all that difficult. Just follow the above tips and soak yourself in romance!

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Modern Sofa Leather and Fabric Upholstery


Sofa buying is not as easy as it seems to be. There are numerous designs and styles to choose from that deciding which to pick becomes difficult. The ultimate question is what type of upholstery to choose regardless if you choose leather or fabric upholstery.


There are two types of upholstery used in building modern sectional sofas. Buyers usually have a hard time deciding between leather and fabric, as  both upholstery has their own share of positive and negative qualities. Listed below are the good and bad characteristics of leather and fabric so you can easily choose which is right for you and your family.

Leather Upholstery – Its Positive and Negative Characteristics


Leather Upholstery


  • Leather upholstery is hypoallergenic so it is recommended for people with allergy. Leather does not conceal dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens.


  • A leather-upholstered modern sectional couch provides a luxurious and elegant look in a room. Leather sectional sofas are modish, more sleek and classier. It has a timeless appeal that cannot be equaled by fabric upholstered sofas.


  • It is easy to maintain. Dusting can remove dust easily. You can also vacuum leather sofas, but remember to use the soft brush of the vacuum. Apply leather polish at least every three months will keep it sheen. However, the maintenance of leather depends on your family.


  • Modern leather sectionals are extremely hard-wearing and enduring. It becomes softer and more comfortable as it ages. This characteristic makes leather sofas a great heirloom.


  • It is available in a range of types that suit anybody’s lifestyles and budgets.
  • Leather demands a cost, although this differs in the kind of leather used.



  • Leather can be warm during warm weather and cold during cold weather.
  • It scrapes easily.
  • It has a few color choices, usually in neutral hues like brown, taupe, beige, tan, black, grey, white and cream.


Fabric Upholstery Positive and Negative Characteristics


  • Fabric upholstery is preferred by some consumers because of its comfort-ability. Fabric-upholstered sofas are softer and warmer regardless of the weather, giving you a cozier and warmer feel in your living room.


  • It is available in a range of colors and textures. Color choices range from bright hues like purple, red, green, yellow, blue, as well as neutral shades. The texture is made in a variety of fabrics, such as wool, linen, velvet, chenille, corduroy, etc.


  • Fabric upholstery offers an unlimited choice of colors and patterns. This characteristic provides you the opportunity to choose a style that suits your taste, décor and color scheme. Modern fabric sofas can either have floral or geometrical patterns, etc.


  • Fabric sofas are easy to maintain like leather sofas. Most fabric upholstery is treated with a stain-resistant finish, making it easy to clean spills. It does not scratch easily. Some sofas feature cushions wrapped in fabric upholstery so they are removable, allowing you to wash them.
  • Fabric upholstery is less expensive.



  • It is not advised if you have kids and if you allow pets inside your home. Fabric upholstery is not that durable and is unable to withstand raucous actions of kids.


  • Strong odors like pet smell, cigarettes, etc. stick to the fabric.
  • It tears easily and wears out over time because some areas thin out in time.


  • Fabric upholstery is susceptible to spills. Although spills can be controlled from one area, allowing it to dry takes time.
  • The patterns can become outdated quickly so your sofa is easily out of style.


Use the above list of positive and negative characteristics of leather and fabric sofas the next time you need to buy modern living room furniture. This list will be a great help to decide which type of upholstery to purchase, making it easier to make a choice!

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Do-it-Yourself Tips to Keep Furniture Upholstery Clean


Furniture will last longer if properly maintained. Well-maintained furniture adds to its beauty. Give your furniture a regular cleaning if you want to prolong its life. Follow these do-it-yourself modern living room sets furniture cleaning tips regardless if the upholstery is leather or fabric or they are new or heirlooms.


Upholstery gets dirty and accumulates dirt and dust at a certain extent of time and degree. So, it is necessary to know some do-it-yourself (DIY) upholstery cleaning to ensure they stay as beautiful as can be.


Read the Brochure or Tags

The proper technique in cleaning upholstery depends on the type of material. Most modern furniture manufacturers provide their customers with DIY upholstery cleaning tips that are contained in the brochure. The tag also contains information about the upholstery type and what product to use for cleaning. The following will help you maintain the beauty of your upholstery.


If there are no tags or labels, find it on Google. First, find out what furniture products are good for the upholstery type. Be careful, though, with your choice as some cleaning products may damage the upholstery. Don’t choose those with chemicals. Natural-based cleaning products are the best choice.


Observe Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning will ensure your furniture will last longer and will prevent the buildup of dust and dirt.


Vacuum upholstery on a regular basis. Use the soft brush of the vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging the upholstery. The vacuum is a good tool to use because it sucks up the dirt, dust, hair, dead skin cells, and even the harmful bacteria. Start from the top and move downwards, using short, overlapping strokes and moving the vacuum from left to right.


Remove stains immediately. Don’t wait for the stains to dry up. It is easier to remove fresh stains, reduces cleaning time, and having to use strong cleaning products.


Wash the upholstery if removable. Some cushions are covered with removable upholstery, allowing you to wash them. Don’t wait for them to accumulate dirt and grime. Again, schedule a regular washing of removable upholstery.


Removing Stains on Upholstery

Removing stains are perhaps the most challenging part in cleaning upholstery. The tag will tell you the kind of cleaning product to use when removing stains.

S:  Use a water-free cleaning product

W:  Use a water-based cleaning product

X:  Requires a professional cleaner. Just use a brush or vacuum to remove dust and dirt. Vacuum furniture tagged as “X”.

WS:  Depending on the kind of stain, you can use water-based or water-free cleaning product.


Coffee stains. Mix an egg yolk with lukewarm water. Dip a clean cloth and rub it on the coffee stain, making sure you do not spread it on the other areas of the sofa.


Oil and Grease Stains. Spray baking soda or cornstarch on the affected area. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes, then vacuum.


Fruit and Berry Stains. Make a mixture of 1 tbsp. of white vinegar and 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol. Soak a dry, clean cloth into the mixture and rub in on the stain.


Beverage and Other Food Stains. Mix 1 tbsp. of liquid dishwashing liquid to 2 cups of cool water.  Use dry cleaning solvent to remove the remaining stain.


Red Wine or Ink Stains. Use hydrogen peroxide. Use a paper towel to absorb the spill. Combine a teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid with one cup of hydrogen peroxide. Soak a dry, clean cloth into the mixture and rub it on the affected area. Dry it with a new clean, dry towel.


Cleaning modern furniture upholstery is not as simple as it seems. It can get messy if you are not careful. So remember to just focus on the affected spot and to use a clean cloth and follow it up with a new, dry, clean cloth to dry the area.

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Add Style with Contemporary Bedroom Furniture


The bedroom is the most private place in the home. It is a person’s personal space. The bedroom contains the secrets, emotions, and personal effects of whoever owns it. This room is the place where couples share their love, discuss matters about the family, and make decisions. Whether you’re single or a couple, a bedroom is a place for doing your own thing, and for relaxation.  Contemporary bedroom furniture conveys style and elegance, making it the easiest way to have an elegant and stylish bedroom with an ageless appeal.


Contemporary bedroom style has specific qualities that you need to take into consideration when picking furniture. Choosing contemporary bedroom furniture is the best choice for this. To have a contemporary bedroom interior design, you need to be consistent and simple. There should be cohesiveness and uniformity in your design with just a few colors.


Setting the Color Scheme

Finding the right color scheme is the secret to achieving a contemporary bedroom style.

For your walls, you can pick between white and grey shades but not deep colors like green, red or blue.


Selecting Bedroom Furniture

Choose the darker shades for furniture, such as blacks, greys, or browns. These colors are superb in contemporary home décor because of they create excellent contrasts.


The bed is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of bedroom furniture. It is the central figure in any bedroom, taking much of the space. The bed style, design, and specifications will depend on the user. A double bed is a common choice even for singles, as it allows the user to move freely while sleeping. Single beds may be a bit constricting, particularly if you move a lot when sleeping. Queen beds are ideal for couples, although some would go for king size modern beds.


The most important factor to consider when choosing a bed is the comfort it brings. Will it ensure you of having a good night’s sleep? There is quite a number of online modern furniture stores that offer a good selection of contemporary furniture. These furniture stores have a wide variety of modern bed designs and styles with colors that can be attuned to your walls.


To have more storage without restricting floor space, a contemporary bed with storage would be a perfect pick!


This is ideal for both adults and kids’ bedrooms.


Add more style to your contemporary bedroom with a unique geometrically designed furniture. A nightstand with rounded edges and open glass shelving are totally classy.  Always have two nightstands at the side of the bed even if there is only one user for the purpose of balance.


Other furniture that you can have includes dresser, chest wardrobe and maybe a wall-type shelf.


A  chaise near the window or a bench at the foot of the bed are other extra furniture that you can have. If you do not like these two, you can go for a loveseat or a club chair. These furniture pieces would add glam, as well as provide a relaxing feel in your bedroom.


Do not try to fit in several pieces of furniture. It is always nice to have free walking space in the bedroom. Too many furniture pieces can impact the contemporary bedroom style that you want to create. Stick to being simple and cohesive. The more furniture you have, the more it will make your room look cluttered.



Accessorize your bed with pillows and cushions of different colors, textures and patterns. This will add sparkle and dazzle to the room.


Dress up your windows with curtains and have an area rug at the side or foot of the bed.VGSCSH_71619__1473256741_51555

Decorate walls with wall art or paintings. Don’t forget to have a mirror, too!


Shop around by checking different furniture websites. Don’t be content with one website. Take a look and then pick the best 5 modern furniture stores in Los Angeles. From there, trim down your selection to three until you arrive with only one LA modern furniture store.


Doing a bit more research will lead you to the best quality and best furniture price. And remember to prioritize quality over style and design. What will you do with style and design if the furniture will only last for three or six months? Also, consider the environmental and health benefits of the bedroom furniture, as these are more important than design and the price.




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