All About Sectional Sofas that You Need to Know

It was not until the Victorian era that the sectional sofa came into the furniture scene. Made of the same materials used in other seating furniture, it comes with two or more sofa chairs and a sofa that becomes one huge and longer sofa when put together. Sectional sofas do not have corner pieces at that time.

With the help of mid-century contemporary designers, sectional sofas went through a huge makeover in the 1950s that change the image of sectional sofas. It emerged with a smooth, low profile design with bold geometric shapes that emphasized an organized style. By the end of the 20th century, sectionals emerged with a more refined look. 

Basic Types of Sectional Sofas

  • L-shaped Sectional Couch. This standard sectional shape may consist of one love seat or a 3-seater sofa and another sofa placed near each other to form an L-shape. It is perfect in your living room for entertainment and relaxing purposes, family get-together, watching TV and more.

  • Modern Sectional Sofa with Chaise. This shape is ideal if you live in a small space but have a big household. The chaise is featured on one end so people can see each other’s faces while seated. Some designs allow you to move the chaise on either side to suit your preference.

  • U-shaped Sectional Couches. The U-shape sectional couch allows a face-to-face encounter, making it ideal for conversations. It may seem like having three right-angled sofas. It may feature a single sofa and two chaises on both ends, or an L-shaped sectional and a chaise on one end.

  • Curved Sectional Couches. The curved sectional couches can be semi-circle or an ‘S’ form. It is an ultra-modern shape and is safe with kids and pets because it lacks sharp corners.

Designs of Modern Sectional Sofas

  • Fixed Sectionals. The fixed sectional sofas come in different configurations. These may have no mobile components and add-on features, too.

  • Reclining Sectionals. The reclining sectionals feature one or two recliners.

  • Modular Sectionals. The modular sectionals consist of individual pieces that you can arrange depending on your taste, preference, and layout. The most versatile sectional sofa design, you can create several arrangements as you wish or place other pieces in another room.

Parts of Modern Sectional Couches

Sectional sofa consists of two or more components that you can configure in several ways.

  • The Sofa. This may accommodate two, three, or even four persons. It has the same number of seat and back cushions. It may have two arms or a single arm that can be left arm facing (LAF) or right arm facing (RAF).
  • Sofa Chair. The sofa chair that looks like a regular sofa chair in a sofa set. It may be armless or with arms or an LAF/RAF configuration.
  • Love at, of course, is intended for two persons. It may be the standard loveseat with two arms on each side or an RAF/LAF configuration.
  • The recliner can be part of the sofa or a reclining sofa chair. If part of the sofa, it can be on either side and has a single arm (LAF or RAF).
  • Square Corner. The square corner component of a sectional sofa makes it possible for you to place it in a corner. Featuring a 90-degree angle, it is armless and occupies less space.
  • Round Corner Wedge. Like the square corner component, it allows you to place the sectional in a corner. It features a 90-degree angle (with some featuring wider angles) and is armless.

Add-on Features of Modern Sectionals

  • Adjustable Headrests. The headrests may be rectangular or log-shaped. A stainless steel rod supports them. You pull it up to bring it out and push it down to its original position. With some designs, you only have to flip the headrest up and flip it down.

  • Drop Down Table with Cup Holders. Some sectional couches feature a fold down back cushion that you can use as a table and features cup holders. This is normally in the mid cushion area of the sofa.

  • Console Armrest. The console armrest functions as an armrest and storage space. It can be an open shelf or drawer.

  • Ambient Light. The ambient light feature is usually a common feature with sectionals with chaise. Found on the bottom front edge of the chaise component, it gives your living room a warm, soft feel.

Although sectional sofas are huge furniture pieces, you can find designs that fit small spaces. Modern furniture Los Angeles understands the need for medium sized sectionals. Check this online modern furniture store for more versatile designs of sectional modern sofas.

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The Pros and Cons of Regular Sofas and Sectional Sofas       

A nice, comfortable sofa is what we crave for after a long hard day at work. You look forward to resting your back, put your feet up with a can of beer or a lemonade while watching TV. Today, the furniture industry offers us several modern sofa styles and designs for maximum serviceability.

The common sofa we know consists of three pieces, with either a 2-, 3-, or 4-seater and two sofa chairs. When furniture builders introduced sectional sofas, homeowners saw a much-improved sofa design. Which of these two types of sofas is better?

Sectional Sofas vs. Regular Sofas

Modern Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are larger compared to the regular sofas. Also known as modular seating furniture, it consists of multiple pieces that you can arrange in different configurations. It includes a two-seat sofa or loveseat, a chair or single sofa, and a 3- or 4-seater sofa. The modern sectional sofas can even accommodate more and are more versatile. It features adjustable headrests, wide flared or curled arms, built-in chaise on either the left or right arm, shelves, etc.


  • It maximizes a small living space.
  • It can sit 5 to 7 or even more people comfortably.
  • It can be arranged nicely in the corner of the living room or any room for that matter.
  • It frees up extra space for other furniture pieces.
  • Its shape is perfect for large families, particularly during bonding moments.
  • It can give your home a clean metropolitan look.
  • Its configuration and arrangement are conducive to having close conversations between friends.


  • It is not fitting for every type of living space. This can pose a problem if you decide to move house.
  • It may not fit in some rooms, particularly if the room does not have the appropriate shape for a sectional.
  • It may be difficult to get the sectional into your home, especially with narrow doorways.
  • It may be difficult to move.
  • It can obstruct a doorway or window so avoid placing a sectional sofa near them.

Regular Sofas

A regular sofa usually comes in three pieces, with a 3- to 4-seater sofa and two sofa chairs.


  • It can fit different room shapes, making it a more practical choice.
  • It is easier to move.
  • It is not limited in the living room. You can place it in any room of your home, in the hallway, bedroom, or home office.
  • It is less expensive.


  • It can accommodate fewer people.
  • Its configuration is limited to three pieces only.

Do You Need a Sectional Sofa or a Regular Sofa?

If you are still undecided what sofa to purchase, the following can help in refining your option.

  • The Size and Layout of the Living Room

Space is a huge determining factor. As mentioned above, sectionals take up more space. There should be adequate space in between walkways, doorways, and high-traffic areas.

  • Living Room Activities

What are the activities in your living room? Does your family watch a movie together during Friday nights and weekends? Do you or anyone in the household entertain a lot in the living room? How many people are there during these times?

  • Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend in buying a sofa? Is your budget sufficient for a sectional sofa or for a regular sofa?

  • Portability

Although sectionals come in modular designs, it may weigh more than a regular sofa. If you do a lot of movement in your furniture, a regular sofa is a better choice.


A sofa is an indispensable sight in any living room except, of course, if you plan to adopt a low-profile minimalist theme. The design of modern furniture sofas has come a long way with designers incorporating different styles to conform to today’s modern lifestyles. Comfort is still the primary reason for these innovative ideas. Whether you choose to buy a sectional sofa or a regular sofa is all up to you. What matters most is you get the most of your purchase in terms of use and comfort-ability.



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Incorporating Elegance in Your Modern Dining Room

Next to the living room, the dining room serves as venue for family conversation, gatherings, and dinner with friends. It also serves as study room where parents help their kids with their homework. For this room to function properly, it is important to have a dining room modern set. The question is how you can incorporate elegance to your dining room.

Elegance in the Dining Room

  • Matching Dining Room Set

 Although modern living does not require you to have items that have the same color, it is still a big factor if you have matching items. Many homeowners still prefer matching dining room sets. With the introduction of modern furniture designs, modern dining sets are much innovative, lighter, and functional. If you prefer having a complete dining set, the rest of the décor should be casual for a softened look. For a less formal style, choose a round dining table.


  • Mix and Match

If you want to have an eclectic dining room look, then mix styles. An eclectic look does not go with every room décor, though. It is wise to ask the advice of the experts if you are not confident about applying this in your dining room.

However, you can start in simple, small ways to avoid an entirely shocking look. Ask your family’s opinions. Who knows one or two of them may have excellent ideas!

A simple way to start is having different kind of chairs. This can be in the form of color, materials, design, and style. Make sure they are of the same height when mixing different chairs. Different styles and dimensions will add to the charm and elegance of your dining room.

  • Materials

Unlike in the olden days, the materials used for modern dining room sets are not exclusive to wood. Materials like stainless steel, concrete, glass, lacquer or a combination of two or three of these. Dining chairs, on the other hand, has either leather or fabric upholstery.

  • Correct Dimensions

If you prefer mixing designs and styles, make sure you buy them together. Buying them separately may lead to buying chairs that do not complement the color of the table or are too low for the table. It can also be the other way around. The dimensions of both the table and chairs should complement each other. The table should be of adequate height to make sure the comfort of the user during mealtime. The chairs should be of equal height, too, for harmony.

  • Incorporate Benches

These are not the picnic benches. Modern furniture introduce dining benches that gives your dining room a laid-back feel. You can have them with or without dining chairs. Regardless of what you choose, you will definitely like adding them.

  • Add Colors

Colors will definitely liven up any space. With leather and fabric used in constructing dining chairs, you have the option to injecting colors in the room. You will be happy to know that leather upholstery is not limited to the neutral colors. You can get leather upholstery in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and more just like fabric upholstery.

  • Buffet and Dining Display

Both of these items contribute to the organized look of your dining room. The buffet can hold your beautiful china, glassware, cutlery, and even wine bottles. Some modern buffets are designed with a provision for wine bottles. Use the drawers for small items like table napkins. Use the buffet to store table runners, placemats, and other dining items.

As for the dining display, use this for collector’s items related to dining. You can also use this for other curios.

  • Accessories

Wall accessories like a mirror or painting are great items that will give your room a chic look.

Plants, curtains, area rugs, vases, sculpture are other accessories that you can add for that sprightly feel and look.

If you choose to have an area rug, make sure it covers the area of the dining room set, even when pushing the chair back.

Hope that the above tips will help you have that elegant and sophisticated look in your modern dining room.

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What Makes Upholstered Modern Beds Popular?

Upholstered beds are currently in fashion. Invented in the 17th century, upholstered modern beds have soft padded cushions that may be either leather or fabric. This feature made the beds more comfortable. After all, comfort is important to have a good night’s sleep. Let us find out why these beds are very popular around the world.

The Pros of Modern Upholstered Bed

  • Excellent Comfort

Back pains after waking up means your mattress is either too hard. This makes the bed uncomfortable to sleep on, giving you back pains. It also makes you to turn on your sides more often so you do not get to sleep well. This is a clear sign that you need to upgrade to an upholstered bed. Modern upholstered beds offer you ultimate comfort while asleep. The soft upholstered cushion encourage you to sleep soundly. It also saves you money for not buying a new mattress.

The excellent comfort provided by upholstered beds makes it ideal for adults, children, and the elderly. Children love the feel of a cushiony surface because it makes them feel secure. Adults, on the other hand, prefer this type of bed because it helps them relax, particularly those with insomnia. As a person grows old, the bones and skin becomes too sensitive. With the cushiony surface of upholstered modern beds, the elderly receives the maximum convenience they need when lying on it.

  • Convenient Head and Backbone Support

Upholstered beds are perfect for those who love to read a book or watch TV while in bed or seated on it. These modern beds feature various shapes of headboards providing a smooth, cushioned support for the head and back for such activities. If you check modern furniture San Francisco, you will find upholstered beds with fully cushioned headboards with angular designs to stunning curves. Always choose a design that blends with your modern bedroom theme.

  • Fabrics and Colors

The upholstery used for modern upholstered beds are leather and fabric. The leather material can be genuine or bonded leather while faux suede, chenille, velvet, and damask are the Fabrics used. With leather, your choices of color range from brown, black, white, and gray. There are more choices of colors for fabric upholstery include neutral and bright colors like blue, red, yellow, purple, orange, and more.

It would be nice to get a bed color that matches your current bedroom theme, but if you want to create an inclusive striking look, choose an upholstered bed that has a contrasting color to your bedroom wall paint color.

  • Environment-Friendly

Modern upholstered beds are created with much detail to ensure their durability. Every step in the building and manufacture of these beds goes through rigid inspection and adjustment. This assures customers that the furniture will be appealing, unique, and will last longer.

  • Durability

Most of these beds are made from the best-quality hardwood. This makes their framework extremely sturdy and durable. The cushioned upholstery protects the framework from any strain and extreme exertion that can lead to damage or breakage. The upholstery used also contributes to its strength and durability.

  • Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of upholstered modern beds is easy. Dusting and vacuuming are enough to remove dust and dirt and to keep the bed in good condition.

You deserve a comfortable bed so you will feel rested in the morning before starting work. Put a stop to your back pains brought by inconvenience from sleeping by investing in a modern upholstered bed. The bed is an essential piece of furniture in any bedroom. It is the core of the room and is responsible for giving you the much-needed rest your body needs. Although these beds are popular among the upper class in the past and are huge, the modern designs are more about practicality. Modern upholstered beds are available in different designs and styles, sizes and shapes. You can even find upholstered modern bedroom sets from furniture online stores.

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Modern Furniture Care Tips with Pets at Home

As an animal lover, I have encountered issues with my dog, as he is free to move around my home. Yes, it was a big nuisance. My floor is spoiled with pee and even my sectional sofa. Wooden chairs would have scratches from his claws. The most irritating is seeing his hair all over even on my bed. I found the best solution to this problem and want to share them with you.

Keep Pets Away from Your Modern Furniture

  • Vacuum or Dust Furniture Weekly.

Do a weekly vacuuming and sweeping if your pets are allowed on your modern sofa or modern bed. Turn removable cushions over to prevent dents on the favorite spot of your pet.

Wipe Your Pet’s Feet.

Dogs love to frolic in the back and front yard. To minimize dirt and mud, place a towel near the dog. Use this to wipe your dog’s feet before they enter your home. Dogs are intelligent animals and it will soon learn the routine and wait for you to have the foot clean.

  • Cover Your Furniture.

Use a blanket to cover your furniture. This will make cleaning a whole lot easier. Remove the cover once it is soiled to wash it. Use a slipcover if you want a customized look. Slipcovers are available in different shapes so you can find one that fits your sofa, chairs, and love seat. Some are made of fabric to combat pet hair.

  • Assign Your Pet to a Specific Spot.

Buy your dog a soft, comfortable dog bed. Once he realized how much comfortable the dog bed is, he will prefer staying in it instead of your sofa. If he’s not interested to lie on it, give him a toy or bone that he can chew and play with. Give him a pat and praise him when he’s lying on the bed.

  • Divert the Digging or Scrapping.

Cats love to their claws on areas they shouldn’t. Look for a favorite cat scratcher to divert your cat’s attention so she won’t scrape or dig onto your sofa’s surface. Buy at least three so your cat can choose what she wanted to use. Praise or give your cat a treat each time she uses the scratcher.

  • Provide Other Choices.

Buy your cat a bed and provide her a blanket where she can lie on comfortably. With a bed of her own, it is most likely that she’ll prefer to lie on bit specially if it looks warm and cozy. With a cat bed, there will be less fur on your bed.

  • Set a Limit.

Teach your pet to stay on areas where they should instead of on the furniture.

Furniture is a big investment. Let your dog or cat know that they are not allowed on your couch and show them the areas where they can stay.

  • Frizz Your Furniture’s Surface.

 This will stop your pet from chewing on the upholstery or edge of the furniture. Don’t buy a spray that is not harmful to you and your family.

Uniformity is necessary when teaching your pet. It is fine if you allow them to loiter anywhere in your home but if you do not have much time to clean, then let them know about it.


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Lighting the Different Rooms in Your Home

Are you wondering how you can get that perfect ambiance in your home? The best way to do this is via lighting fixtures. If the home is perfectly fit, the home will definitely give out positive energies. This is because good and proper lighting gives out positive and good vibes.

Planning what, where and how you will install lights will help you achieve the ambiance that you have always wanted.

Lighting Fixtures and Your Modern Home

To create a flattering ambiance, incorporate a mixture of lighting fixtures at various levels. Make sure that you install the correct task lighting needed for whatever activity like putting on makeup, getting dressed, reading, cooking, etc..

  • Living Room Lighting

Install lights on the three corners of the room leaving the other corner free. Assign one of these lights to focus on a specific item like a modern couch,  lounge chair, a wall art, or a plant. You can use a combination of table and floor lamps, with some having an upward flow while the others a downward glow.

Use the downward glow lamps in the reading room area. Have club chairs or lounge chairs, an end or accent table and shelves. Always make sure to have enough chairs in this area.

When picking down-glowing lamps, choose those with a 3-way switch so it will be easier to turn it on and off. Add a dimmer if you want an upward-glowing lamp.

  • Dining Room Lighting

Dining rooms require adequate lighting. Keep in mind that the dining table should be the central focus in the dining room. To make it even noticeable, hang a chandelier or pendant lights above the table. A 100-wattage chandelier is enough to make your dining table the brightest spot in the room.

Implement indirect lighting in the other areas of the dining room for a more relaxing and elegant feel. For a subtle glow, place a pair of sconces on the wall above the buffet or a pair of small table lamps on the buffet top.

If the shelves have no built-in lamps, then mount votives inside the shelves. Modern furniture California offers buffets with built-in lamps.

  • Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom calls for a cozy, peaceful ambiance so you can sleep soundly. Place a table lamp on the nightstands. To create balance, have two nightstands and lamps. Sconces are good alternatives. Both of these lighting fixtures are helpful, particularly if you like to read before going to sleep.

Choose a table lamp that you can adjust. Do not point the lights directly to the bed. Track or recessed lighting fixtures should face toward the dressing area. If you prefer having a little illumination even when asleep, look for a small table lamp with mellow illumination.

It is recommended to open the windows to allow natural daylight inside the home. Natural daylight is better in many ways compared to artificial light. It helps in removing any foul smells and is good for your and your family’s health. Most of all, it helps in reducing your energy consumption.

Always choose an artificial light with a dimmer so you can regulate the ambiance. These types of lighting are easy to install and less expensive.

The kind of lighting for every room differs on how you will use the room. So before you start shopping for a lighting fixture, decide what activities will you be having in the room. This helps in choosing the appropriate light for that particular purpose. A properly planned lighting increases the efficiency of your rooms.

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Add Interest to Your Home by Mixing Styles 

Most homes that are interesting and dynamic apply different styles. Too much mixing, however, can create an unhappy and confusing look. To be successful in mixing styles for your home interior, you need to have a common point to harmonize everything. Modern furniture websites practice this mixing style technique in presenting their products.

9 Easy Way to Mix Aesthetics

Give your home that visual appeal by following these 10 techniques.

  1. Color

A consistent color helps you get your wall décor work together so they look more interconnected. Let us say you want to have a new modern leather sectional sofa and want to retain that traditional armchair in your living room, pick a modern sofa sectional that has the same shade as the chair. The neutral colors black and white are perfect choices to have that consistent color harmony.

2. Keep an Eye on the Scale

The scale of your décors should be in the same dimension. Placing a large chair next to a wooden carved chair will make them look awkward. Black and white dining chairs will create disparity if matched with a black rectangular dining table. What matters is that the chairs are comfortable and to sit on by the user. Keep in mind that the same height and scale helps in making the combination look good.

  1. Find Harmony

Create harmony by picking items that have similar visual weight. You can still establish harmony although you have different items on either side of the bed.

  1. Distribute Appropriately

It will be overwhelming if half of your living room has modern mid-century furniture and a few traditional pieces. Having multiple styles will make it visually friendly, especially if the items were incorporated strategically.

  1. Pair the Furniture

Pair the furniture with the same style, color, or finish. Leaving the furniture alone makes it look lonely. Do not mix boxy chairs with rolled armed sofas or vice versa. Avoid matching shapes and lines.

  1. Use the Oddball as Accent Piece

Another method is to use that oddball as your accent piece and build the room around it.

  1. Pick a Unifying Pattern

Choose a concept or shape that you will use in the room to unify everything and prevent it looking scattered. You can choose a favorite chair or the lines of a couch and repeat that line or curve all over the room.

  1. Match the Mood

Avoid stuffy or formal furniture if you want the room to have a laid-back ambiance. Keep it casual with soft materials and simple lines. Combining mid-century styles with modern contemporary is welcoming and induce relaxation.

  1. Group Unlike Items

To do this, find a common denominator and group them together. You can group them by size, color, material, and texture to make it seem like it is a collection. This is easier to do with small items.

Sticking to a single style in any room is a traditional way of decorating it. With the entrance of modern ideas and lifestyles, people turned to looking for varied ways of making their home pleasant. This time it is not all about making your home attractive to your guests but it should be a reflection of you. Personality, tastes, and individual tastes are now part of a home interior design. Since not all people can spend a big amount doing this, mixing various styles arose to add interest in the interior o a home! Check out modern furniture NYC and you will see how it is done!

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Contemporary Furniture for a Relaxing Ambiance

Anyone would love a home that offers a relaxing ambiance, particularly after a very hectic day. Some people may say this is impossible because their home is different. They do not have that budget to make their home as cozy as they want it to be.

How to customize space and make it inviting to everyone is one of the biggest difficulties. Luckily, your dream can come true with the popularity of contemporary furniture. While traditional furniture is still very visible and useful, contemporary furniture offers more benefits.

What Contemporary Furniture Offers

  • Enhance Space use

Homeowners want to maximize space in their home. Contemporary furniture makes this possible because of its smooth lines and clean angles. The designs of this style of furniture allow you to push the items against the wall or use corners to save on space. The smooth lines and the absence of odd angles make it easy to design your space around a single piece of furniture.

  • Variety of Construction Materials

Contemporary furniture is not limited to using wood. Other materials are used that make it less expensive. These include MDF, particleboard, plywood, fiber plastic, plastic, steel, aluminum leather, and fabric.

  • Fashionable

Stylish is the name of the game these days. It is visible in almost every magazine. Even manufacturers talk about it and flaunt it. Giving your home a contemporary look does not mean spending a huge amount for your interiors. It can be in the form of simple items like a contemporary coffee table or a contemporary rug or home accessories. Styles, like fashion, are fickle. They keep on changing and sometimes at a faster rate. Contemporary, on the other hand, is more stable. You can go for a contemporary look and keep it for several years. This gives you time to save for another re-decorating project for your home.

  • Ingenuity

Choosing contemporary furniture allows you to be ingenious. It challenges your imagination and creativity to come up with original, artistic, and even zany design ideas that other furniture manufacturers have missed. The unique geometrical shapes of contemporary furniture are attractive and interesting that makes it suitable for city living. You recognize the creator’s artistry each time you look at the lines, shapes, and materials used.

  • Reasonably Priced

Budget is a big consideration when buying furniture. The traditional pieces are definitely expensive because of the materials used and the intricate designs. Since the materials used for building contemporary furniture are cheaper, the finished product is also cheaper. This does not mean, however, that quality is poor. The materials may be cheaper compared to real or hard woods and authentic leather, but they are still of high- quality.

Finding the Best Contemporary Furniture

If you are looking for contemporary furniture sofa, your best source is the Net, where there are many online furniture stores. Be specific when you make a search — contemporary furniture living room sets, contemporary bedroom sets, contemporary dining chair, and so on.

Pick at least six to five of these. Check these furniture online stores and decrease the number to three. From there, make comparisons by checking the design and style, available colors, dimension, and of course, the price. Read the product description and look at the item closely. Most of these stores allow you to view the furniture in different angles; some even include the measurements of the sofa back, arms, height, and seat width.

Read reviews, check the furniture store’s star rating, read their delivery, warranty, and return policies. Contemporary furniture Houston has their live chat so you can easily get answers to your questions and set an appointment to see the furniture “in person”. Yes, it is possible to achieve a relaxing home ambiance.

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Colors that Will Make a Room Look Larger

Who wouldn’t want to live in a spacious home? Although we all wanted to live in a larger home, this is not possible. Nothing to worry, though. If you feel like dismantling your walls to make your small space airy and open is the answer, read on and get solutions.

Make Your Room Spacious via Colors

 The size of a room matters both on the visual and functional aspects of interior decoration. To achieve this, you need to pick the correct colors. Color plays an important role in making space look larger.

  • White

White can make even the smallest space look larger. Painting the walls of a tiny room in white will make it look airy and spacious. This is because white reflects light and will make the room roomier, wider, and brighter. Painting your walls in white allows you to decorate the walls in any manner you like. White colors also complement natural light, making the room brighter.

  • Blue and Green

A mixture of blue and green provides depth and brightness. Like yellow, avoid overdoing it.

Calming teal or sea-foam green are excellent picks. To enhance dimension and clarity into your space, paint baseboards and moldings of your blue and green colored walls.

  • Yellow

Another good alternative to white is yellow. Yellow-colored walls, like white, have the same space-effect in a room. Citrus shades mixed with white accents add dimension to a room. Make sure, though, that you do go overboard with this color. Pick dandelion or banana shades. Avoid neon shades.

  • Gray

Painting your walls in grey is another option if white walls give you that hospital feel. A neutral color, grey imparts the illusion of size. If you are selling your home and getting it ready for home staging, paint the walls in grey. Grey allows you to think of the soft summer clouds. This color allows light to bounce around the room giving the illusion of space without the glare.

  • Jewel Tones

Jewel tones simulate the colors of popular gemstones, whether precious or semi-precious. These include turquoise, sapphire, emerald, topaz yellow, tourmaline green, ruby red, and amethyst. Amethyst, sapphire, and emerald are the best choices as they are lively. Deep jewel tones soften sharp corners and blend the walls, giving the room a huge look. Jewel tones are very effective in making small areas look larger, like a private secluded nook or bathroom. You must remember, however, that choosing dark colors can be risky. Picking the incorrect shade or patina can make your room look unbalanced. Asking the help of an interior decorator or painter will result to picking the correct shade.

  • Monochromatic Hues

If you prefer lighter and softer hues, pick monochromatic colors like grey and white. Apply this monochromatic scheme in the room through furniture, rugs, and accents. Monochromatic colors create a clean, minimalist feel that makes a room look huge.

As for choosing furniture for a small room, pick multi-purpose items. The more functional the furniture, the better as you do not need to add other pieces. Look at the coffee table above. The Nancy Modern White Coffee Table is not only intended to hold cups, glasses, food but can function as a working desk, too. It features a pull-out tray that you can use while working on your laptop or as an eating rack plus storage for books, magazines, and other items.

By choosing the right colors and modern living room furniture, you can make your limited look spacious, brighter, and fresher!



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9 Ways to Keep Modern Furniture Looking New

Usage and upkeep will keep the lifespan of furniture. Who would want an old tattered furniture, anyway? We want good furniture at home. It completes our home and gives us comfort. To make them last, we need to take good care of them. Upkeep of furniture starts with proper cleaning techniques and the use of proper cleaning products.

Observing proper furniture-cleaning techniques will certainly make them last longer. I have listed 8 tips to keep your modern furniture looking new.

Correct Cleaning Furniture Procedures

  1. Regular Dusting

Dust the furniture regularly to prevent dust from accumulating. This will also prevent early deterioration of the furniture.

  1. Eliminate Spills

Do not let spills stand for even 15 seconds. Take care of it immediately. To remove spills, get a clean cloth and place it on top of the spill. Do not rub the spill just let the cloth absorb it. Wipe it with a dry clean cloth once the liquid is completely absorbed. Wiping any spills on your modern couch or table will prevent the material from damage.

Avoid eating in the living room. If it is not possible, minimize eating in the room. Even the most careful can spill a drink.

  1. Limit Sun Exposure

Overexposure to sunlight is not only harmful to a person’s skin. It is also bad for furniture. For furniture to get a bit of sunlight and air, open the windows during the day. However, avoid placing furniture on that side of the window where sunlight comes in too strong to prevent fading. Move furniture frequently if this is unavoidable. Add a window film to prevent the harmful rays of the sun from damaging your furniture. Conditioning leather modern sofas will prevent them from cracking.

  1. Regulate Indoor Temperature

Avoid placing furniture near the radiator or air conditioning unit. Make sure to regulate the temperature in the room.

5. Learn how to Deal with Extreme Weather Conditions

This refers to outdoor furniture. Windy, hot, and cold temperature can damage your furniture. Use slipcovers if the weather is too hot. Cover outdoor furniture or better yet keep them indoors.

6. Flip Cushions and Mattresses

Sitting on the same spot on your modern couch will make it loose their form. This is the same with your mattress. Flip the cushions every two weeks and…

…the mattress when changing linens to prevent them from sagging.

7. Vacuum Upholstered Sofas and Cushions

Vacuum modern leather couch, including fabric-upholstered sofas, and cushions weekly to prevent dust from seeping inside. Vacuuming them will help slow down aging, too. When vacuuming modern couches, use the attachment exclusive for reaching corners. Always use the soft brush attachment.

8. Prevent Marks and Rough Spots

Avoid placing hot items like a cup of tea or moist glasses on tables to prevent marks. Pair your cup with a saucer and your glass with a coaster. Placemats, table runners, tablecloths are great for protecting table surfaces from marks, general usage, and stains.

Move furniture carefully to prevent rough spots. Make sure there are enough number of people to move heavy furniture. Do not put sharp objects on the surface whether wood or upholstery.

9. Read the Care Instructions.

All modern furniture has a care label. This is for you to read so you will know how to take care of the item correctly. Every furniture has specific care instructions depending on the material used and construction. If you cannot find any label, read the manual or ask the furniture store where you bought it from or the manufacturer itself. The care instructions also include the cleaning products to use.

Furniture needs tender loving care. Proper cleaning methods and products will keep your modern furniture looking new. Remember every item has a certain life span, but if you follow the above tips, you will enjoy them longer than you think.









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