White Leather Sofa Set – Tips on Designing a Room

modern white leather sofa set

White leather sofa sets create clean, neat elegant lines in your living room. It light shade brightens up your space and opens up small spaces. When designing around a white leather couch, add vivid pops of color to jazz up the room or maintain the neutral and calm atmosphere of the room.

contemporary white leather sofa set

Maintain the Neutral Theme with a White Leather Sofa Set

  • Pick a modern white couch with legs to make the room look larger. The open space underneath will let your eyes to follow the line of the floor beneath the couch.

white leather sofa set

  • To maintain the neutral look of the room, decorate the white sofa with white throw pillows. If you want to break up the monotonous white look, get white throw pillows with a small pattern of colors. White pillows with a pastel flower pattern or with light brown stripes would be great.

Italian white leather couch

  • Adorn your windows with valances or curtains to maintain the flow of white theme beside the walls near the white leather sofa set. For low-ceilinged rooms, hang curtains that flow down the floor so your walls will look taller.

modern white leather couches

  • Pick a glass coffee table to maintain the neutral theme. The glass top allows you to see through the glass, which is a great tactic for small rooms. Glass is also easier to clean.

white leather sofa set

  • Hang large frames and mattes with small black and white or art with a monotone aura inside it. The large mattes help maintain the neutral tone while the large frame fills up your wall space.

modern white leather sofa set

  • Use a small white are rug to keep the neutral color theme. Pick an area rug that is shorter than the white leather couch width to keep the open feel of the room.

Italian modern white leather sofa set

Adding Color to a White Leather Sofa Set

  • A modern white leather couch is much easier to blend with other colors, by offering a neutral canvas.

contemporary white leather sofa set

  • Pick vivid colors to blend with your contemporary leather white sofa set. The boldness of the colors red and oranges when mixed with white will give the room a snazzy delightful look and feel. Throw pillows with varied bold colors will make a superb match with your white couch.

stylish white leather sofa set

  • Add one main color, such as black. Have several patterns of black and white, such as throw pillows with textured patterns of black and white.

contemporary white leather sofa set

  • Inject wood in your décor. Wood coffee table, end table, TV stands, or bookshelf are good additions, as they will bring your living room together. Dark wood, such as mahogany or espresso will give a stunning contrast to your sleek white leather sofa set.

modern white leather couches

  • Hang curtains or valences with big, colorful patterns, such as tulle patterns or larger stripes.

white leather sofa set

  • Hang large frames with vivid artworks that harmonizes with your color scheme.

modern white leather sofa set

The techniques listed above allows you to maximize the dainty look of your white leather sofa set. At West Los Angeles Furniture Store, you get a whole dimension of how to decorate your room with white leather couches. Check them out!

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Modern Grey Sofa Set – Colors to Blend for a Striking Living Room Look

modern grey sofa set

Finding the colors to blend with a modern grey sofa set is not difficult. Grey is a neutral color so it is easier to harmonize it with any color. A modern grey couch will actually give your living room a striking look and a slightly cool feel.

fabric grey sofa set

Matching Colors for Modern Grey Sofa Set

Depending on the texture of the upholstery (leather or fabric), your modern grey sofa set can give your living room an informal or formal contemporary appeal.

modern grey couch set

  • Wood Furniture in Warm Tones

Warm up your living room with brown wood furniture. The brown color of the wood will provide an interesting contrast to the cool grey color of your sofa. A brown coffee table, entertainment center, TV stand, end table or shelves will complement your West Los Angeles modern grey sofa set.

modern grey couch

You can also choose to have wood-stained furniture in real brown colors, such as dark walnut, mahogany or chestnut. Dark types of wood furniture with a few grey streaks in the wood or grey tint on the slight weather spots make a great combination with your leather grey sofa set.

contemporary grey sofa set

Blending the deep brown coloring of wood furniture with a modern grey sofa set will give your living space a warm rustic appeal.

modern leather grey sofa set

  • Dynamic Wall Paint Color

 Grey is not a domineering color and this allows you to paint the wall behind it in an arresting color. Choose a tone color from a solid jewel, such as golden yellow, ruby red, emerald green or deep purple. You can also opt to put a colorful wallpaper. Paisley or modern damask wallpaper patterns are charming for the background that can attract interest.

fabric modern grey sofa set


A contemporary grey sofa set with a white painted wall behind offers a stunning contrast. Let your modish grey sofa set stand out by minimizing colors on the wall.

modern grey sofa set

  • Contemporary Accessories

Even if your leather or fabric upholstered grey sofa set has an art deco style or a touch of the old Hollywood days, it has a charming modern appeal. Pair your leather grey sofa set with soft white throw pillows, white candlesticks, jewel-toned candles, a patterned area rug, and ruby red flowers. The presence of a deep amethyst chaise or lounge chair adds warmth to your living room.

modern grey sofa set

  • Metallic Silver Furnishings

Let your living room dazzle by incorporating silver metallic furnishings. A metallic silver chandelier or a brushed-nickel table lamp placed on the side of the grey sofa set will add sparkle to your modern living room.

modern leather grey sofa set

For a wide selection of gorgeous grey sofa sets, visit Los Angeles furniture store at West Los Angeles.


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Blue Modern Sofas – Style your home with a contemporary piece

Some people do not feel having a charming modern blue sofa; simply because they think it is not a feel-good color. This was the misconception borne by our ancestors. The color blue, as researchers have found, denotes self-confidence, boosts happiness, calming, so it helps reduce stress.


When thinking of buying a sofa, you have a variety of choices based on style, size, material, upholstery, color, and craftsmanship. You can choose to have a 3-seater one-piece sofa, a sofa set, or a sectional sofa. All sofas feature three basic features, whether you are thinking of buying a versatile blue modern sofa or not. These are the arms, back, and legs. You can easily tell if the sofa is modern, contemporary, or midcentury by merely looking at the style of the back and arms.


Modern Blue Sofa

There are other factors to look for when buying a modern blue couch aside from the arms, back, and legs. You need to choose the sofa type.


  • Sectional Sofa. Sectional sofas come in different forms: L-shape, S-shape, U-shape, Chaise sectionals, and Pit sectionals. The most popular, though, is the L-shape because it is perfect for a room’s corner, saving on space.  Sectional sofas normally come in two sections. You can opt to have a modular modern blue couch that features separate seating areas so you can arrange it depending on the number of people it will accommodate.


  • Modern Sofa Bed. Another good pick is the midcentury sofa bed for functionality. You can use it for seating during the day and spread it out at night to use as a bed.


  • Loveseat. The loveseat is perfect for small living spaces and a not so big household. You can add a couple of chairs if you want to add more seating.


  • Sectional Chaise. Sectional chaise is the contemporary design that enhanced its functionality. Aside from seating areas, the chaise allows you to lie comfortably while reading a book or watching TV.


Although sofas went into several modifications, the 3-seater blue sofa is still the most popular throughout the years.


Mid Century Blue Sofa

The market offers various shades of alluring mid century blue sofas. You can choose from sky blue, azure blue, ocean blue, midnight blue, or royal blue. There is also turquoise, cadet blue or navy blue. Choose the shade properly, as it produces various emotions such as lightness, calmness, vibrancy, or warmth.


What to consider when choosing the shade of midcentury blue couch?

  • If you go for a light shade of blue, choose accents with contemporary colors like silvery gray, lavender, or muted green.


  • If you choose a dark shade of blue, go for accents with warm colors like red or burnt orange to produce an interesting contrast.


  • If you want a midcentury sofa in aqua blue, choose sunny yellow and hot pink accents.


  • Add balance to your living space by layering the texture with curtains or blinds. Depending on the upholstery, your modern blue sofa can have a shimmering effect. To offset this, use organic jute curtains or blinds will minimize the glistening effect of the blue sofa shade. For accessories, metal-framed mirror, photos, or paintings are great, metal candlesticks, and a metal base table lamp will reduce the shimmering effect of the blue sofa.


Style your home with a contemporary blue modern sofa and see how it relaxes you after a busy tiring day! Downtown Los Angeles Furniture Store offers a big range of contemporary, modern, and midcentury blue sofas that you cannot resist. Visit us now!

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